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Loving the French provincial style and want it in your bathroom? Achieving its aesthetic and elegance can be hard to pull off without the help of an interior designer. In this article, we will help you by going through how to create a French provincial style bathroom and how it is actually not that hard.

What Is French Provincial Style?


The South of France is where the rustic and elegant provincial style originated from

French provincial style encapsulates the design of both the interior and exterior of a house. In interior design, this aesthetic style is also known as French country style and shabby chic. With origins in the South of France from 17th and 18th century, people in the French countryside wanted to have the style of wealthy Parisian family homes. Because of how expensive it was to get the same furnishings, local furniture makers created items from more affordable materials.

This affordable approach created an aesthetic that was rustic yet elegant. One of the biggest keys to this style was the use of natural and affordable materials like wood, copper and brass. If they were painted, the soft colours were used with matte finishes. The style then became widespread after World War 1, where soldiers brought back the styles they witnessed while on deployment.

Top Tips For Creating French Provincial Style Bathrooms

Choosing Colours


Black and white is a simple and easy-to-follow colour scheme

Warm, neutral and cream colours and tones are quintessential elements when it comes to creating a French provincial bathroom. Choosing the feel of your bathroom comes down to picking either a dark and moody or light and vibrant colour scheme.

A black and white colour palette is a simple solution for choosing what colour scheme your bathroom should be. Off-white tiles are a great starting point to add a French provincial style touch to any bathroom. Go for matte finishes if you want to repaint your existing bathroom elements.

Rustic Accessories

Using gold or weathered look fittings and fixtures are another key in creating a French provincial style bathroom. Tapware, shelving and railings are the easiest ways to incorporate this into your bathroom. Add even more rustic charm with antique furniture and accessories like dark wooden bathroom tables to fill up any empty space.

Freestanding Elements

Freestanding elements are another common feature of French provincial style bathrooms. This includes freestanding tubs, bathroom vanities and any piece of furniture with cabriole legs, which have a convex arc at the top and a concave lower arc. A clawfoot tub easily adds this classic French style to your bathroom design.  

Natural Materials


Wood floors in bathrooms are a signature part of this classic French style

Another distinct feature of French provincial style is the heavy use of natural materials like wood and stone. This may include timber floors and wooden vanities, shelves and stone countertops to add to the theme. For unpainted wood, use a simple oil to emphasise the grain pattern. 

French Fabrics

Our final tip is to decorate your bathroom with French style fabrics and prints. Towels and rugs are already a great way to accessorise your bathroom, and ones in French style cuts and prints will add to your theme. Go for cotton towels with floral prints for added flair. 

Get The French Provincial Style Bathroom You’ve Always Wanted Today!

From using soft colours to rustic accessories, these 5 tips will help you get the French provincial style bathroom you have been dreaming of. For more tips and tricks for styling and renovating your bathroom, head to the MyHomeware blog today!

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