Frameless VS Semi Frameless Shower Screens: What’s the Difference?

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Walk-in shower enclosures are gaining a lot of popularity these days. And there has been a lot of talk about framed and frameless shower screens, but there are fewer discussions about frameless vs semi frameless shower screens. The two are some of the best that you can have for your bathroom, but many are confused about what is really the difference between them. And that is not surprising at all, as the two have very few differences. Knowing the pros and cons of the two will be beneficial for anyone who is eyeing to have new shower screens. And if you are one of these people, read more to know their differences.

frameless vs semi frameless shower screens

What Is A Semi-frameless Shower Screen?

A semi-frameless shower screen is a crossover between the more known framed style and the more luxurious-looking frameless style. It combines the best of the two worlds to create something that people will like. However, as it still has the elements of a framed style (some edges are framed while others are not), it is still not as seamless as a fully frameless one. A popular example of this is the Semi-frameless L-shape shower screen with chrome fittings that adds elegance to any bathroom.

Other features of a semi-frameless shower screen are the following:

  • Easy to install
  • Highly durable
  • Easy to clean (fewer edges)
  • Modern design
  • Affordable

What Is A (Fully) Frameless Shower Screen?

problems with frameless shower screens

Standard shower screens have a visible metal frame and fittings that are linked to the walls, ceiling, or floor, but a frameless shower door does not. They are comprised of thick tempered glass panels and, unlike normal designs, do not require a metal support framework. In short, aluminum framing at the edges is unnecessary (especially true for frameless enclosures). However, in some instances, these panels, despite not having a frame, are attached to the surfaces using clips or hinges (depending on whether you choose a stationary or operable screen).

To learn more, you can look online at websites that sell frameless shower screens and enclosures, like MyHomeware.

Some features of a frameless shower screen are the following:

  • Minimalistic and seamless design
  • Easy to install
  • Easy to clean
  • Can accentuate other bathroom elements
  • Can make the bathroom look more spacious
  • Enhanced access as the hinges can work in both directions (inward and outward)

What Are the Main Differences Between Frameless and Semi-frameless Shower Screens?

Many are confused about what to choose between the two. Many are wondering about the strengths and problems with frameless shower screens and semi-frameless shower screens. If you are among these people, continue reading below to learn the differences, strengths, and pitfalls between the two.


As stated before, a semi-frameless shower screen is modern in design. It has both framed and frameless qualities (some edges have frames while others do not.) On the other hand, fully frameless shower screens do not have aluminum frames on the edges and are built using thick glasses.


Of course, budgetary considerations will not be left out. In terms of design, the two are both great (modern and seamless). However, frameless ones are more aesthetically pleasing; given this, they come at a higher cost compared to semi-frameless shower screens. If you are willing to spend more, go frameless, but if you are on a tight budget, a semi-frameless shower screen will not hurt. After all, semi-frameless shower screens prices are generally 50% cheaper than their frameless counterpart.


The glass thickness is a factor to consider when talking about the durability of shower screens. Both frameless and semi-frameless shower screens have thick glasses, though the former tends to have thicker ones. The thickness of the glasses is essential in ensuring the structural integrity and safety of the shower area.


Both screen types are relatively easy to install. However, frameless shower screens are easier to install as they require fewer parts like clamps, hinges, and other such things. On the contrary, a semi-frameless one could take longer to build as it has parts that are the same as the framed shower screens. Moreover, the latter is harder to fit, so if there are errors during the installation, problems will be immediately seen. But a redeeming point is that semi-frameless shower screens are a better choice if the wall is uneven.


shower screen types

Both shower screen types are easy to clean. A frameless one has the edge over its semi-frameless counterpart as it has fewer edges. However, despite the fact that a semi-frameless shower screen has more edges to be cleaned than a frameless one, it does not mean that it is difficult to maintain, as it leaps and bounds compared to traditional shower screens when it comes to cleaning convenience.


Many are fascinated by the topic of semi-frameless vs frameless shower screens. And this fascination stems from the fact that the two are the same but also different. They share some characteristics and differ in others. These differences may appear bad, but in reality, they are not. The two, despite looking similar, have their own strengths and weaknesses. These things define what they are. Depending on your purpose, budget, and shower area, one will be a better fit for you and your situation.

FAQ About Frameless VS Semi Frameless Shower Screens

Is glass thickness important when choosing shower screens?

Yes, glass thickness should be considered when choosing shower screens. The thickness of the glass is necessary to keep the structural integrity and safety of the shower area or enclosure.

Is a semi-frameless shower screen the same as a frameless one?

Not quite; the two shares a lot of things, but they are not the same since semi-frameless ones still have some framed edges, which are like those found in traditional shower screens (framed shower screens.)

How much is a semi-frameless shower screen?

The cost of semi-frameless shower screens is varied as they have different features (doors, shape, etc.). However, the average cost ranges from $300 to $800.

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