20 Floating Shelves Ideas to Boost Your Storage Space

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A floating shelf symbolizes minimalism without compromising the interior design of the area. It’s a set of planks that were bound together or individually mounted to the wall that’s used to place decorative items like books or trinkets. For today’s blog, I will present some floating shelves ideas that will enhance the aesthetics of the room where they are installed. So without further ado, let’s begin…

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20 Best Floating Shelves Ideas for Your Room

Floating Shelves Ideas Around the TV

One of the most common usages of a floating shelf design is mounted around or on top of a wall TV. It gives you functionality where you can put your books and other valuables while improving your home’s style.

around tv

Suspended Shelf Frame

A floating shelf can also be sort of a 3D frame if you will. Open-frame decorative wall shelves give you the opportunity to display the things that you love to your guests, like photo frames, figurines, plants, and the like.

suspended shelf frame

Minimalistic Floating Shelves Living Room Vanity

You can also somehow use double small floating shelves to be purposed as vanity by simply putting a mirror in the middle of the suspended planks mounted on your walls. It allows you to make a quick re-touch whenever you are in a hurry.

mirror floating shelves

Organic-Inspired Floating Shelves Kitchen

If you are particularly fond of the woodsy vibe of nature, then I am sure you also enamor floating shelf decor ideas that reflect the outdoors. It has the functionality, but you can also use it to display organic kitchen condiments and materials.

organic inspired floating shelves kitchen

Coffee-Centric Wall Shelves Ideas

Transform your home into the perfect coffee sanctuary with stylish large floating shelves! Showcase your love of caffeine and create a unique atmosphere to start each day.

coffee centric wall shelves ideas

Frame Stand Floating Shelves Ideas

Transform your photos into artful displays with a timeless wall display of floating shelves! These versatile accents offer an effortless way to bring personality and charm to any room. Perfect for showcasing treasured pictures, they come in many different styles that can be customized just the way you like them. Bring life and character to walls everywhere with this chic frame stand idea – ideal for creating stunning visual interest in any space!

frame stand floating shelves ideas

Study Room Book Stand Floating Shelves Placement Ideas

A floating shelf is a popular method for organization, and this is particularly true for a fixture that is put up in an area where clutters are inevitable such as a home office or study room.

study room book stand

Cupboard Floating Shelves Ideas

Among the common usages of floating shelves is in the kitchen because they organize stuff while giving you great accessibility. And if you are considering floating shelves in the kitchen, then it is the best option as storage for all of your precious cups.

cupboard floating shelves ideas

Home Indoor Plant Floating Stand

Indoor plants improve air circulation in your home. The plants also absorb bad odor and carbon dioxide that is unpleasant and sometimes harmful to your lungs. The best way you can display them without cluttering your space is through floating wooden planks.

home indoor plant stand

Functional Open Floating Kitchen Cabinet

A floating shelf or open cabinet is an excellent idea to give you the ability to store your kitchen stuff while providing a lot of accessibility whenever the need for them arises.

functional open cabinet

Box Floating Shelves Bedroom

Our room is our sanctuary. Therefore, decorating your room is an essential variable because it displays your personality and shows people who visit your space a glimpse of the things you enjoy. A small floating shelf gives you a ton of space and limits clutter without limiting your imagination to decorate.

box floating shelves bedroom

Monochromatic Floating Kitchen Shelf Cabinet

In addition to an open floating cabinet, you can also express yourself through the decoration by creating a monochromatic theme shelf cabinet. It is simple, and how to make a floating shelf is relatively simple.

monochromatic floating shelf

Cabinet and Box Floating Shelves Ideas

If you want to make the floating shelf to be both functional and decorative, then the good news is that you can mix them that suit your preferences.

cabinet and box floating shelves ideas

Countertop Kitchen Floating Plank

A floating plank is an excellent pick for countertop storage. However, it doesn’t limit your decorative tendencies. You can choose stylish jars and containers that go along with your floating shelf.

countertop kitchen floating plank

Floating Vanity Cabinet

A floating cabinet is also ideal for your bathroom because it is more hygienic because gives you access under the cabinet. Unfortunately, it is not an easy task to find a quality floating vanity cabinet nowadays. And if you are looking for premium and stylish furniture for your bathroom, among the best ones you can consider is MyHomeware’s various wall hung floating vanity.

floating bathroom vanity

Floating Planks for Kitchen Utensils

Floating shelves are perfect for the kitchen since it is the area where many items are stored for preparing meals and storing foods. Therefore, using them for kitchen utensils can give you a lot of assistance.

floating planks for kitchen utensils

Home Office Floating Shelf

With the addition of a floating shelf, achieving an organized and clutter-free home office is as easy as ever! The perfect balance between form and function for any workspace – add this stylish storage solution to your décor today.

home office floating shelf

Plant Frame Floating Shelf

Transform your plants into stylish home accessories by displaying them in a chic floating frame – not only will it spruce up the living room, but also help circulate fresh air.

plant frame floating shelf

Side Plank Floating Shelf

The side plank floating shelf is one of the most versatile and stylish solutions for storage. It’s designed to hang from the wall and mount on either side of a door or window, making it easy to place plants, photographs, and other essential items. The shelf hangs off the wall by two metal arms that are secured with screws so you won’t have any worries about it falling down.

side plank floating shelf

Single Floating Plank

You can use a single floating plank directly if you are opting for a more minimalistic vibe or if you don’t have that much stuff to put on the shelf.

single floating plank


If you’re looking to spruce up your home with a modern, eye-catching touch, look no further than floating shelves! From sleek wood to statement pieces and quirky designs, there are plenty of ways that these unique furnishing concepts can upgrade any living space. Take inspiration from the list we’ve provided for some floating shelves ideas – and let the revamp begin!

FAQ about Floating Shelves Ideas

Can Floating Shelves Hold a TV?

Yes, a floating shelf can support about 45-50 pounds (22-22 kg) for every wall stud, while a 50-inch TV is about 11.4kg without the stand. In fact, there are wall-mounted floating TV shelves on the market that can hold flat-screen television and need no tables or other furniture to support them. But it is important that the shelf is installed properly to ensure that the shelf can support the load without issue.

How to Make a Floating Shelf?

A floating shelf is simply a set of planks that are mounted on the walls. In addition, they are simple to install and won’t require that much skill. All you have to do is to drill a hole in the walls and install the metal racks or studs that will hold the planks. Lastly, place the planks on the racks, and then you are done.

How Thick Do Floating Shelves Need to Be?

Generally speaking, most floating shelves need to be made at least 2 1/2”thick; this thickness provides adequate strength and weight-bearing capacity, and you can safely put heavier items such as books.

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