5 Feng Shui Bathroom Plants to Bring Good Vibes to Your Home

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Do you have an indoor plant or two in your home? They’re more popular than ever, especially so with younger audiences, and with the litany of benefits they bring it’s no surprise why. They reduce stress, improve moods and increase productivity but their benefits don’t stop there. Indoor plants also have feng shui benefits, providing balance and positive energy. Good feng shui can be brought into every room of the home, including the bathroom. In this article, we take a look at 5 feng shui bathroom plants that will bring nothing but good vibes and energy to your home. Let’s check them out!

What is feng shui?

Before we move further though, let’s quickly review the basics of feng shui. Feng shui is an ancient Chinese practice of arranging objects in spaces to create balance and harmony. All objects are believed to have energy and a specific element associated with them – water, earth, fire, wood and metal.

Plants, which carry the wood element, are a great addition to modern bathrooms, which predominantly consist of water and metal elements. By adding a few indoor plants, you bring balance and naturally positive energy to your bathroom.

Our top 5 feng shui bathroom plants


Snake Plant

Snake plants are fantastic feng shui bathroom plants because they’re super low maintenance while being visually attractive as well. They’re also a great choice for bathrooms because they thrive in high humidity environments, do not require large amounts of light and are able to purify the air for a more natural, free-flowing bathroom.


Peace Lily

Peace lilies are a flowering plant and a perfect option for bathrooms. As a tropical plant, they are perfectly fine in humid conditions and like snake plants, they are great in purifying the air of toxic particles and allergens. Peace lilies do require copious amounts of sunlight for their flowers to boom, so place them on your windowsill for best results!



You can’t make a list of feng shui bathroom plants without including lucky bamboo. Bamboo is super low-maintenance, requires little light and adds a touch of the orient to your bathroom. Feng shui-wise, the number of stalks you have can differ depending on your goals – five stalks for creativity, seven for health, eight for wealth and nine for overall luck.



Aloe plants are famous for their healing properties, and are great natural air purifiers. Because they’re succulents, they retain water very well, meaning that you do not have to regularly water them. The only thing they really require is a good amount of bright light. This can be indirect, but bright light may help your aloe plant flower more easily.



Orchids are beautiful feng shui plants which come in a range of colours. These colours dictate their position in your bathroom, where different areas provide different energies (known as the bagua). Pink flowers go in the love area, yellow in the wealth area etc. Place these plants in the bathroom areas which reflect the most important aspects of your life!

Bring harmony into your bathroom with these indoor plants

By incorporating one or two of these feng shui bathroom plants, you can immediately bring good feng shui and energy to your bathroom. Remember – you need a good balance of different elements and objects for true harmony! For more great bathroom products to add to your washroom, check out the unique collections at MyHomeware today!

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