4 Family Bathroom Ideas for a Busy Household

Family Bathroom Ideas
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For those with a large family or household you might sometimes feel that your bathroom isn’t as big as you thought it was! Whether it’s people needing to brush their teeth or take a shower – when you’re jockeying for bathroom time, you’ll need to maximise your space as much as possible. In this article, we discuss 4 family bathroom ideas that you can implement today to make sure that your bathroom is more accessible and available for every member of your family. Check them out below!

4 Family Bathroom Ideas


Bigger, Better Vanity

Getting ready for a family day out? You’ll find that a lot of people will need to use the bathroom, all at the same time! A larger vanity will be able to accommodate more family members and will help you manage your time properly. No more late showings or 20 second teeth brushing!

There are many choices for large vanities. You can opt for a vanity with two basins or a long mirror, giving you more space for more people.


More Storage Options

It makes common sense – the more people you have in your household, the more things you’ll have, especially in the bathroom. Whether it’s toothbrushes, towels, shampoo bottles – you’ll need more space to store it all! It’s why having a lot of storage options is one of the best family bathroom ideas. You can find more storage with a bigger vanity cabinet, mirror storages or a wall recess.


Easy Cleaning Bathroom

One of the most important things you need to keep in mind about a busy bathroom is the amount of dirt, grime and mould that can build up as a result of all that foot traffic.

Things you can do to keep your bathroom fresh and clean include good ventilation (in the form of fans and windows), regular wipedowns and cleaning, and more drying options such as bathroom mats and heated towel racks.


Easy to Use Fixtures

One of the most important family bathroom ideas are easy to use fixtures. This includes things like taps, thermostats and showerheads. Why is this so important though? When you have a large household – especially ones with young children – all your fixtures need to be easy to use.

So even if elderly grandpa or a young toddler in the house needs to use the sink, they can use it with ease. Easy fixtures include single lever taps and bidets.

A bathroom made for multiple people

No matter how busy your household gets, with the great family bathroom ideas, you’ll have a space that caters for every family member and their bathroom needs. Looking to get bathroom products to help build the perfect family bathroom? Head on over to MyHomeware today – Australia’s largest range of high quality bathroom products!

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