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Every now and then, many of us plan to update or replace the bathroom vanity. However, replacing bathroom vanity independently can be a complicated task. But thanks to DIY available on the internet, we can now easily replace bathroom vanity with a new one. If you are wondering when and how to replace a bathroom vanity, you should thoroughly read this article.

Reasons To Replace Bathroom Vanity

Keeping the vanity in good shape is the desire of many house owners. But due to regular use, the vanity top gets broken or damaged. In such a situation, do not delay replacing bathroom vanity with the latest one. You can change it entirely or just replace bathroom vanity top, depending on your choice. Apart from this, the following could be the reasons to replace your bathroom vanity:

· The outdated or old vanity

· Broken or stained vanity

· Moldy cabinets

· Renovating the bathroom

· Making the bathroom more spacious

After you have decided to replace bathroom vanity, choose a vanity that matches your room and bathroom design. You can take help from magazines and websites.

Installation Of Bathroom Vanity

You can either do it yourself or hire a professional plumber to do the job for you. The cost of replacing bathroom vanity can be huge if you get external help. But do not worry; you can do it on your own with our guidance. You need to have a few tools; bucket, screwdriver, pliers, wrench, tape, utility knife, drill, jigsaw, and hammer. These tools are easily available in every household, grab them, and get started.

Steps To Replace Bathroom Vanity

You have two choices when it comes to replacing bathroom vanity. The first one is replacing the complete bathroom vanity, including the top, cabinets, and faucet. The second option is just replacing some part of it. Only by this little change, the whole look of the bathroom will be renewed. Whatever you choose, you can get guidance for replacing bathroom vanity by reading the following sections.

1- Replace Bathroom Vanity Top
If you do not know how to install or replace the vanity top properly, it can cause permanent damage to the walls. Here are the steps you should follow for doing this installation or replacing process efficiently:

· Take Measurements Of Connected Vanity’s Top: For replacing bathroom vanity, you should know the correct measurement of the vanity top.

· Dissemble The Vanity: Carefully disassemble it using a screwdriver; remove the plumbing, remove the attached cabinets, turn off the supply valves, and switch on the faucet.

· Remove Caulk And Backsplash: You can do it by using a knife. Be a little careful. Do not damage the wall.

· Remove Old Vanity Top: Detach the faucet, sink, or anything attached to the old vanity top.

· Attach The Sink And Faucet: Now, you have to install the faucet and sink to the new vanity.

· Install New Vanity Top: After installing the bathroom vanity, connect the plumbing, and look for leaks in drain assembly.

2- Replace Bathroom Vanity And Sink
Many people wonder how to replace a bathroom vanity and sink quickly. Well, you won’t have to worry any longer. We have easy to follow steps for you that will help in replacing bathroom vanity conveniently.

All the steps will be the same as you followed in the previous point. But there will be a little change from step 4, where you uninstalled the sink and faucet. Replace the bathroom vanity sink with a new one. Now connect the sink to the vanity with glue. In the end, connect the plumbing.

3- Replace Bathroom Vanity Doors
If your bathroom vanity looks perfect, but there is a problem with the doors, you can replace them. Following are the steps you need to follow:

· Look for a new design for new cabinet doors.

· The doors are normally screwed or clipped to the cabinets, so detach them.

· When unscrewing, take help from somebody to hold the doors as they might fall off.

· Now order new doors of correct measurements.

· Once you receive them, replace bathroom vanity doors with new ones.

· Screw them tight; open and shut them once to see if they are working fine.

Cost For Replacing Bathroom Vanity

If you are not doing the replacement process independently, then taking help from a licensed plumber will be costly. The cost of replacing bathroom vanity depends on the style you are choosing. The normal range for installing complete bathroom vanity is $350 to $4000—the average cost of replacing a bathroom vanity is $2175.

If you want to replace just the top, its price will be lesser. The vanity top material, style of sinks, and numbers of sink determine the price of vanity top replacement. However, the average price for replacing vanity top is from $6 to $140 per square foot.

Wrapping It Up

Change in vanity makes your bathroom luxurious, updated, and more comfortable. Hiring a professional to replace bathroom vanity may be costly. But by reading this article, you can do it on your own.

Best Wishes!

FAQs About Replacing Bathroom Vanity

1- Can you just replace the bathroom vanity top?

Replacing the bathroom vanity top is possible. Moreover, it is not as difficult as replacing the kitchen countertop. By following DIY hacks and tips, you can even manage to do it yourself.

2- How long does it take to replace a bathroom vanity?

It depends on which part of the vanity you are replacing. If you want to replace bathroom vanity sink, it can take a maximum of four-five hours.

3-Is it hard to replace a bathroom vanity?

It is not so difficult, but you should have some tools at home. Then follow a step-by-step procedure for replacing vanity doors, sink, or any other part. In a few hours, your work will be done.

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