4 Products You Need to Complete the Ultimate Ensuite Design

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Are you the lucky owner of your very own ensuite bathroom? Or are you perhaps thinking of building one in your master bedroom? Ensuites are fantastic, convenient additions to your home. They are also perfect as a personal, private space just for you and your significant other. French for ‘in sequence’, ensuite bathrooms are directly attached to your bedroom. To help you build the ultimate ensuite design, we’ve got four great ideas that will turn your ensuite into a simple room to an amazingly luxurious space!

4 Products for Ultimate Ensuite Design


Personalised Comforts

If it’s going to be your personal space, you should be putting in some personalised comforts! When we say personalised comforts, we mean things that will make your ensuite feel truly comfortable. These include things such as heated flooring or heated towel racks. Keeping your bathroom warm and crisp in the cold months of winter is a joy few are able to enjoy, so why not make it happen in your personal bathroom? Simple things like things can make your dream ensuite design come to life!


Smart Toilets

Bring your ensuite design into the future with an innovative and smart toilet! Smart toilets take your old throne and equip them with new features and functions. These include toilet lids that automatically open, seat warmers and self flushing features.

An entire smart toilet might be out of the budget for some people. But this is why bidets (which can come with the features listed above) are a popular alternative. Bidets can be easily installed onto any toilet.

Custom Lighting

Your ensuite design should match your style, and you can do that with custom lighting! The lights in your bathroom can be easily changed to display the colours, shades and hues that you prefer. And for those who have multiple preferences or are victim of their own indecisiveness, there are many lighting colours which can be changed on the fly with a remote or control panel.


Modern Vanity

Your bathroom vanity is the most personal element in your entire ensuite bathroom. It’s where you’ll store all your personal bathroom belongings and spend the most time in front of. So why not make sure your vanity meets your standards?

If you have a lot of belongings, a vanity with extra storage will be very useful. If you tend to spend a lot of time doing hair and makeup, a vanity with an LED mirror is perfect for you!

An ensuite the way you exactly want

These 4 product ideas will help you create an amazing ensuite bathroom, one that may just have you spending more time in it than your bedroom! Grab all the products mentioned in this article at MyHomeware today!

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