Enclosed shower room or open shower room which one is suitable?

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People who have been around for a day in the city always hope to take a comfortable bath to remove the dust and fatigue when they come home. In order to have a comfortable bathing experience, many people hope that their bathroom can also have a separate shower area. However, the bathroom area of most houses is really limited. In order to save space, we often have to integrate the bathing facilities and sanitary ware. But there are also many witty friends who will make full use of the corners of the room, using fences and glass to enclose the shower area, thereby upgrading the bathroom to a “premium” private shower room. But, can all bathrooms be “gorgeously transformed” like this? Which is right for you, an open shower room, or a closed shower room?

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1. Advantages of shower rooms

If it is equipped with a shower area, you can enjoy it when you take a bath, and you will not be afraid of splashing water, which reduces the difficulty of cleaning. In addition, some bathrooms are small in size and bathtubs cannot be placed in the bathrooms. The shower room can save a lot of space for users. At the same time, water vapor will gather in the narrow space of the shower area to maintain heat and have a good insulation effect. It will make people feel very warm in winter.

2. Disadvantages of shower rooms

After talking about the advantages of the shower rooms, one cannot fail to mention the disadvantages of the shower rooms. The partition of the shower room is usually made of glass. If it is not cleaned in time, it will easily form a white alkali on the glass surface. Once this layer of alkali is formed, it needs a professional cleaning agent to remove it. In addition, the shower room is generally of standard size. For people with a larger body, the space in the shower area may be slightly cramped, and it is easy to touch the glass wall when taking a bath.

Summary: Can the bathroom be used as a shower room? Most families can use it, and a small number of families depend on the situation.

Enclosed shower room or open shower room, which one is suitable?

1. First of all, you should look at the overall area of the bathroom. For those with a small bathroom area, the open shower room will be more comfortable and the usable area will increase accordingly. But if it is closed, it will be very crowded. Therefore, from the perspective of saving, the open shower room is the first choice for users who have small-sized bathrooms, while the enclosed shower room is suitable for users who have larger spaces. It can not only separate dry and wet but also has a certain thermal insulation effect. However, for the closed shower room, you must pay attention to ventilation, and for the open type, you should also pay attention to the problem of heat preservation and slip resistance in winter.

2. How to choose from the two depends on the situation of the people at home. If there are elderly people in the home, choosing the closed type may cause the elderly to feel uncomfortable, and if there are small babies, the open type will be more convenient when the adults to bathe the baby. However, if you choose an open style, you should pay more attention to keeping warm to prevent the elderly and children from catching a cold.

In fact, what kind of shower room should be installed depends on the actual situation of oneself and family members, as well as the planning of the bathroom. Before deciding which type of shower room to install, what we need to do is to distinguish clearly the uses and advantages and disadvantages of various shower rooms to determine which shower room is the best choice.

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