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If you’re looking for a way to elevate the look and feel of your bathroom, a double vanity might just be the thing you need. Not only does it add functionality to your bathroom, but it also brings out a touch of luxury. In this article, we’ll explore some double vanity bathroom ideas to help you transform the bathroom of your dreams into a luxurious retreat.

double vanity bathroom ideas

Double Vanity Bathroom Ideas to Choose from: 

Let’s explore some amazing double sink bathroom vanity ideas to help you create your dream bathroom. 

Modern Minimalist

1800mm freestanding modern minimalist double vanity bathroom ideas

Want to keep things sleek and minimal? A modern minimalist look just like these 1800mm freestanding vanities with legs would be a good choice. With the addition of wooden cabinets, minimalism doesn’t have to be completely bare and sterile.

Glamorous Gold

glamorous gold double vanity bathroom ideas

Upgrade your bathroom to new levels of luxury and sophistication with this design! With its warm, reflective finish, it forms a sense of grandeur that ramp up the entire space. No matter how you like to style it, glamorous gold modern double vanity bathroom ideas are sure to make a statement in your dream bathroom. 

Boho Vibes

boho vibes double vanity bathroom ideas

Step into a world of free-spirited fun with a bohemian vibe bathroom! Include natural materials like plants and macrame accents, combined with bold prints, patterns, and vibrant colors.

Statement Lighting

statement lighting double vanity bathroom ideas

Brighten up your double vanity with statement lighting. Dramatic lighting fixtures like pendant lights, sconces, and chandeliers will create a dazzling bathroom space while ensuring you have proper lighting when pampering yourself.

Rustic Wood

rustic wood double vanity bathroom ideas

A rustic wood theme has a natural texture of wood that adds an inviting feel to the space, while the contemporary hardware keeps it looking fresh and current. What’s good about having a country elegance atmosphere is that you can find lots of options for a cheap double sink bathroom vanity without sacrificing functionality.

Vintage Glam

vintage glam double vanity bathroom ideas

Let’s step back in time with this vintage glam double vanity bathroom. You can incorporate vintage-inspired accessories like perfume bottles and vanity trays to bring in some old-school glamour.

Double Floating Vanities

floating vanities double vanity bathroom ideas

Double floating vanities are a popular option for master bathroom double sink vanity ideas. These vanities are designed to float above the floor, creating the illusion of extra space and establishing a clean, modern aesthetic.

Zen Serenity

zen serenity double vanity bathroom ideas

Find inner peace and escape from the hustle and bustle of daily life with a Zen serenity-inspired bathroom. By adding natural resources like bamboo, matched with soft, muted colors like beige or pale cream, you can draw a calm, spa-like ambiance.

Fun and Colorful

fun and colorful double vanity bathroom ideas

Don’t leave your bathroom with double vanity looking boring! Start bringing some fun and personality into your space today. Don’t be afraid to include playful touches of colors and patterns to make your bathroom a lively and cheerful place to be.

Traditional Touch

traditional touch double vanity bathroom ideas

Build a bathroom space that is refined and welcoming with a traditional touch. A color scheme such as ivory will exude refinement in the space. Finish it off with a stunning vanity that boasts a traditional design, complete with polished fixtures and elegant hardware.

Textured Delight

textured delight double vanity bathroom ideas

Get ready to indulge your senses with sumptuous textures like soft, plush towels and shaggy rags, matched with eye-catching details like textured wallpaper and woven accents.

Coastal Retreat

coastal charm double vanity bathroom ideas

Let’s not forget to include a coastal charm theme in your selection of bathroom double vanity design ideas. You can incorporate soft blue and green colors, natural materials, and nautical elements such as pebbles and anchor-inspired décor to set up a serene space. 

Artistic Expression

artistic expression double vanity bathroom ideas

Yes! You can be creative in your bathroom. Make it like a canvas waiting to be filled with your artistic expressions and imagination, unleashing the inner artist in you. You can hang framed artwork, display sculptural fixtures, or even hand-paint the walls.

Industrial Chic

industrial chic double vanity bathroom ideas

Going for an industrial chic look may just be the thing for you if you’re on the lookout for double vanity ideas for small bathrooms. Think slimline sinks, metal frames, and distressed wood accents for an industrial flair.

Bold Black

bold black double vanity bathroom ideas

Get ready to rock with bold black! Imagine granite countertops and matte black fixtures with edgy details such as black subway tile and black framed mirrors. Go ahead and embrace your confidence in a bathroom that’s fierce and chic.

Global Inspiration

global inspiration double vanity bathroom ideas

How would you like a bathroom that feels like a passport to adventure? Adding details like a Moroccan tile, handmade storage, and perhaps your favorite souvenirs from places you’ve traveled will emulsify an artisanal charm to the space.

Classic Elegance

classic elegance double vanity bathroom ideas

A white double vanity is a classic and elegant choice. Consider white sinks with a marble countertop to create a sophisticated bathroom ambiance. You may include a decorative mirror above the vanity and bold-colored hardware to complement the white color.

Nature Energy

nature energy double vanity bathroom ideas

Experience invigorating time in the bathroom with a natural energy theme. This is a choice for those who want to be connected with nature. Incorporating earthy details like stone countertops, live plants, and organic accessories like a wooden tray will put together a space that feels like a breath of fresh air.

Pattern Overload

pattern overload double vanity bathroom ideas

This bathroom idea will make your space look like a work of art. You can mix and match geometric tiles and mosaic accents in a range of colors. Play with fun elements such as quirky mirrors and fixtures to express your individuality.

Retro Cheer

retro cheer double vanity bathroom ideas

Let’s talk about retro style! Consider colors like mustard yellow and vintage blue, combined with funky wallpaper, unique light fixtures, and angle mirrors, to add a touch of nostalgia to the space. A retro cheer double vanity will turn your regular bath days into a groovy experience.


There are countless double vanity bathroom ideas that can bring your dream bathroom to life. Whether you prefer a modern and minimalist look or a rustic and charming atmosphere, there is a design out there that will suit your style. Be playful and get creative! Add different elements and achieve a unique, personalized space just for you! Explore your options, gather ideas, and transform your regular bathroom into a luxurious and functional oasis today. 

FAQ about Double Vanity Bathroom Ideas

Should a Main Bathroom Have a Double Vanity? 

It really depends on your need. Most people assume that a main bathroom must have a double vanity because having two sinks means you have your personal space in the bathroom. While most homeowners think that way, it is also ok to have a single vanity to get extra space in the bathroom. So it’s important to consider your lifestyle to decide whether you want a bathroom with double vanity. 

 Is it Better to Have a Single or Double Vanity? 

Choosing between a single or double vanity can be a tough decision, it all depends on you. Generally, a single vanity is perfect for smaller bathrooms that are limited in space or have fewer people to use. They allow you to save counter space and make the area look tidier.
On the other hand, a double vanity may be perfect in a large family or large bathroom which offers a multitude of benefits in one space, including more room for multiple users to get ready, less sharing stress and added convenience. 

What is a Good Size for a Double Vanity? 

An ideal size of double vanity depends on the size and needs of the users of your bathroom. Generally speaking, a double vanity is around 60 to 72 inches wide and 20 to 24 inches deep. But if you have a larger space, you can always get a wider and bigger vanity.

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