Do you know the difference between a spa bathtub and a bathtub?

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The bathtub has always been a symbol of quality life. With the improvement of everyone’s living standards, taking a bath has become a comfortable experience that people yearn for and pursue. From functional bathtubs, folding bathtubs to ordinary bathtubs, bathtubs with different functions meet people’s different needs. Common materials for bathtubs include cast iron, acrylic, wood, nanomaterials, etc. The various shapes are also well adapted to different styles of bathrooms.

The difference between the spa bathtub and the massage bathtub

Many people confuse the spa bathtub with the massage bathtub, and they can’t tell the difference. The appearance of the spa bathtub with the massage bathtub seems to be the same, but in fact, there is a clear definition and difference between the two. The spa bathtub is more professional than massage bathtub, with more complete functions, a wider scope of application, and more significant physiotherapy effects. Of course, the price is also A big difference. Let me tell you the difference between them.

1. Different uses

The spa bathtub is the most advanced professional spa equipment in recent years. It achieves relaxing physical and mental therapeutic effects through careful design and balance of water pressure, temperature, buoyancy, and other aspects. The spa bathtub is used for physical therapy, relaxation, and leisure, not for bathing, you can enter the spa pool after a thorough shower. The massage bathtub is a sanitary ware. It adds a massage function to the ordinary bathtub and can be used for bathing.

2. The applicable places are different

The spa bathtub can be used for restroom facilities, sunroom, basement, swimming pool, villa courtyard, and other leisure places. The massage bathtub is only used for bathrooms.

3. The function is different

Constant temperature system: The spa bathtub is equipped with a heater that can automatically heat the cold water to a preset temperature, and can accurately and continuously maintain this temperature so that people can have a spa anytime and anywhere. The more high-tech design can recover the hot air generated by the operation of the equipment and send it back into the spa bathtub through the nozzle. It will not suck in cold air to cool the pool water like other massage bathtubs, which can not achieve the effect of a complete spa. If it is equipped with a heat pump, it can also cool the water. In summer, the temperature of the water can be lowered, making it as cool and refreshing as spring water.

The massage bathtub does not have heating, heat preservation, and cooling functions. The massage bathtub achieves the massage effect through some jets that transmit water and air, and the flowing hot water can relax people.

Massage effect: The factors that determine the massage effect mainly include the design of the seat and lying position, the temperature of the water, the strength of the water spray, and the spray location. The spa bathtub can not only maintain the best massage water temperature but also its location is designed according to ergonomics. The spray strength is 5-10 times that of the massage bathtub, and the number of nozzles is several times that of the massage bathtub. At the same time, there are more than a dozen multi-functional massage nozzles for different parts of the SPA pool, which are unmatched by massage bathtubs.

Finally, it is emphasized that the spa bathtub is a piece of professional hydrotherapy equipment, with good hydrotherapy massage effect, efficient circulating filter antivirus system, and constant temperature heating function, which is unmatched by ordinary massage bathtubs. When you buy, you must pay attention to the distinction and do not be deceived.

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