DIY Bathroom Vanity Remodeling Mistakes

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There are hundreds of DIY bathroom vanity videos and articles available on the internet. However, even by following them, you can trouble yourself. Do not worry, we have identified all key problems and brought an easy guide on how to DIY bathroom vanity without any damage or breakages.

Can You Follow Any DIY Bathroom Vanity Guideline?

Though it is not so difficult when you blindly follow any DIY bathroom vanity guideline, it can lead to several problems. The consequences of blindly following a DIY bathroom vanity video can be severe – you can break the vanity even cause flooding in the bathroom. However, you can avoid such troubles when following DIY modern bathroom vanity installation videos by knowing where you can go wrong.

Reasons Why Bathroom Vanity Plans (DIY) Fail?

· If you are following a DIY bathroom vanity plan, make sure it fits your bathroom. Sometimes, people just click on any video titled as DIY ideas on how to build a bathroom vanity and start following it. Such videos may be beneficial, but not for you. Maybe these videos are for small washrooms, and yours is huge.

· There are hundreds of DIY bathroom vanity ideas on the internet. But these are not suitable for every type of bathroom and style. So be mindful of these minor things. For example, placing multiple sinks in a small vanity may not be a good idea.

· When working on a DIY bathroom vanity installation project, be cautious and do not act in haste. You have all the time so look for relevant bathroom vanity DIY ideas from the internet.

· There are several cases where DIY bathroom vanity from dresser projects failed. This happens when a person does not have enough skills to work with an old dresser.

Bathroom Vanity DIY Makeover Mistakes

You can find multiple DIY bathroom vanity ideas on the internet. You can follow them to the DIY bathroom vanity makeover and give it an amazing look. But remember to avoid the following mistakes.

1- DIY Wood Bathroom Vanity Installation Mistake
For DIY wood bathroom vanity installation, you need to have some basic skills. Though the wooden vanity looks pretty, its installation can cause problems. Therefore, for updating or installing such a vanity, mark the area for installation and take measurements. If it’s your first DIY bathroom vanity project, it will make the process easier for you.

2- DIY Bathroom Vanity Top Installation Mistake
Though DIY bathroom vanity is a good idea, you can ruin the look and the walls if not done properly. For a DIY bathroom vanity top, you need to detach the old vanity top. But some people tug at it, forgetting that it has been attached with silicone caulk. Like others, you should not repeat this mistake. Try using a drywall knife for disconnecting the vanity top from the wall.

3- DIY Floating Bathroom Vanity Mistake
After doing your first DIY floating bathroom vanity project, you should not forget about cleaning it. The space under the vanity becomes a room for hair and dirt. Moreover, after installing floating bathroom vanity, clean it regularly or it will loosen its color, especially if it’s white. If you make this mistake, soon you will have to replace the bathroom vanity.

4- DIY Bathroom Vanity Cabinet Mistake
DIY bathroom vanity cabinet can be a huge flop. When doing it, there can be some unidentified gap between the countertop and the sink. Due to this gap, the problem of leakage can occur and ruin your wooden cabinets.

The door and the drawers become swollen, and it’s become difficult to open or shut them. Therefore, if you are following a DIY bathroom vanity installation video that doesn’t guide you about it; it’s not worth spending time on.

5- DIY Bathroom Vanity Light Mistake
It is easy to DIY bathroom vanity light, but there is one common mistake that most people make. Thinking that your washroom is small and it does not require many lights is not correct. Dim or low lighting of the bathroom can ruin its look. Therefore, when DIY bathroom vanity, purchase some more lights to put in the bathroom roof center.

6- DIY Small Bathroom Vanity Mistake
When doing a DIY project of small bathroom vanity, the biggest mistake is putting a huge sink. If it’s your first DIY bathroom vanity project, do not get excited, look at the space around you and use it accordingly. Putting a big sink can reduce the space of the small bathroom.

7- DIY Bathroom Sink Vanity Mistake
In a DIY bathroom vanity project, installing a sink properly can be a little tricky. For a perfect DIY vanity bathroom installation, do not wait till the end because after the countertop has been fixed, it becomes difficult to correctly fix the sink over it. Therefore, attach the sink to the vanity top before it gets installed.

8- DIY Painting Bathroom Vanity Mistake
For perfect DIY painting bathroom vanity, you should not use thick paint. In the first DIY bathroom vanity project, people usually think of even painting it themselves. But the problem arises when they use paint of low quality. Such paints can ruin the cabinets as well as drawers.

FAQs About DIY Bathroom Vanity Projects

1- Can you make your own bathroom vanity?

You can definitely make your own bathroom vanity, especially when you can’t find the perfect style you are looking for. Moreover, you can get guidance from DIY bathroom vanity videos on the internet.

2- Which material should I use in my DIY bathroom vanity project?

For cabinets and drawers, you should use solid wood. This is the best choice, especially if it’s a DIY bathroom vanity project because handling solid is much easier.


Following a DIY bathroom vanity video is a good idea. However, when you do it yourself, there can be some mistakes. We have highlighted the main DIY bathroom vanity installation mistakes that you can avoid in the future.

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