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Candles have always been associated with warmth and coziness, evoking a feeling of relaxation and peace in any room. They provide a soft illumination that creates an instantly cozy atmosphere, making them perfect for decorating your home. Nowadays, candles are used as aromatherapy to make your room smell nicer and help you with your emotions and stress. In this blog post, we will showcase 20 unique candle decoration ideas which will instantly transform your living space. Read on to discover more about these beautiful accents for your home today!

soothing candle decoration ideas

Simple Candle Decoration Ideas For Any Setup

Ever wondered how to decorate candles? Don’t worry; we will look at different candle decor ideas you can work on yourself. A simple candle can be elevated as an outstanding home decor candles design. You can use any material you have to create your very own design. Let’s take a look at some simple yet breathtaking candle decoration ideas at home.

DIY Fireplace Candles

Have you ever dreamed of having your fireplace in your home but are too scared to set it on fire? Worry less because instead of lighting up wood in your fireplace, you can instead light up your DIY fireplace made out of candles.

fireplace candle design

Candle-light Lantern

Another candle display idea involves lanterns. A lantern possesses that magical and mysterious vibe into it. Candles on the other hand, also have that mystic vibe once lit up. Thus, combining a lantern and candle would make a great pairing for a mythical design in your home.

lantern candle design


Playing with colors and texture can be a bit tricky. It could either be the best thing possible you could do or it could also end up being one of the not-so-best things out there. But matching up the color of your candles with the overall colors of your room can’t go wrong. Place candles of different heights and choose textures that will best suit the vibe and atmosphere of the place.

color and texture candle design

Elegant White Candle with Green Ferns

White candles are just immaculate to look at. Pairing the color white with any green elements would make the perfect combination for any bright and lively part of your house.

white and green candle design

Traditional Wood Candle Holder

Traditional and common candle design ideas can’t go wrong. The classic multi-layered wood or steel platforms can be placed perfectly in any part of your house. It can be placed on the dining table, beside your center table, or even beside your collection of photos.

wood levels candle design

Caged Candles

Another candle decor idea uses a bird cage. Insert your candle of choice inside any bird cage you want and add glistening designs in it to make it pop out and be eye-catching.

bird cage candle idea

Candle in a Bowl

One of the candle decoration ideas for tables is to make the candle in a bowl. Understandably, fishbowls are only meant for fish. But, what if we put candles inside an unused fishbowl? Sounds romantic. Simply place a candle holder inside a fishbowl and you can now decorate and fill it with anything that you want.

fishbowl candle design

Minimalist Candles

Simple designs can look so elegant to our eyes. If you are a huge fan of minimalist designs, this one will suit you well. A simple big large bell jar together with unused glass tea cups or shot glasses can be a perfect place for your candles at the tableside.

minimalist candle design

Icy Candle Design

Ever wanted a winter wonderland vibe using fire and wax? All you need is taper candles and a glass bottle. It might take a while but the aesthetic look of the wax acting as shards of ice is quite pleasing.

icy candle design

Rustic Wooden Candle Design

Don’t let a plank of wood go to waste. Decorate a plank of wood with any bright elements you have and place a set of white candles above it. Place it in the center of the table to have that rustic vibe on it.

plank of wood candle design

A Glass of Candle

Place a candle in a wine goblet or glass with glitters on it to make an outstanding resemblance on your dinner table.

wine glass candle design

Christmas Candle Ribbons

You can be creative and resourceful with the materials you want to use in your candles. However, there is some satisfying candle decoration with ribbons you can use to design your own. Want to intertwine the Christmas season with your candles? All you have to do is to have a ribbon that resembles Christmas and add any elements that perfectly fit the holiday vibes.

ribbon christmas design

Autumn-Inspired Ribbon Candles

When the autumn season is near, these autumn-inspired candle decorating ideas will surely be a massive hit. Cover the whole candle with any presentable-looking twigs or branches and tie it up with a simple yarn. You can place it anywhere you want.

autumn candle design

Sparkling Candle

A glossy and shining cover wrapped around your delicate candle sounds quite nice. Give it a go and design your candle with a glossy ribbon that matches your wants.

shining ribbon candle design

Candles Ribbons for Events

A luxurious-looking candle is rightfully deserving to be in a luxurious and grand event like weddings and birthdays. Design your candle using ribbons that match the theme and motif of your event to mesh well with the atmosphere.

event candle design

Candle Gift Ribbons

Candles can also be given as a form a gift. Pick or choose any interesting and eye-catching colors and patterns of ribbon that would go well as a present for any age level.

gift candle design

Clean All White Decoration

Candles and flowers are undoubtedly a match made in heaven. To help you with the perfect pairing, here is one of the candle decorations with flowers. Nothing looks more majestic and clean aside from the color white. The combination of a white candle inside a glass jar together with a set of white flowers looks neat on the center table.

white flower candle design

Violet Themed Candle Design

For a glamorous event, purple or violet could be a favorite choice of color. A set of purple candles and flowers on the tables are very pleasing to the eyes and are relaxing to look at.

purple flower candle design

Candle and Flower in a Fishbowl

There are a lot of candle decoration ideas out there that use a fish bowl. One elegant design idea for a fishbowl is filling it up with water and designing it with beautiful flowers and other elements necessary. Let the candle float in the water and you have yourself a breathtaking candle design.

fishbowl flower candle design

Summer Vibe Candle Design

Flowers and candles can go well together, especially in a summer site setup. A set of beautiful sunflowers and white elegant candles will surely bring the summer vibe into your house.

summer flower candle deisgn


Anyone can be creative and have their candle decoration ideas. It is just up to our creativity and willingness to commit to our glamorous candle decoration ideas. Use any materials in your home and make your own stunning candle display ideas.

FAQ about Candle Decoration Ideas

What is the Easiest Way to Decorate a Candle?

The easiest way to decorate a candle is by using materials that are easy to find and easy to use. Beads, fabric, lace, and any kind of jewel are perfect elements to amplify and design your candle at home. Remember, when decorating a candle, make sure to never leave it unattended while it is burning.

How to Make a Glitter Jar for Candles?

Making a glitter jar for candles is easy. All you need is glue, glitters, a jar, and a brush. Cover the entire jar bottle with glue using a brush. Afterward, sprinkle a good amount of glitters around the whole bottle and let it dry for at least 30 minutes.

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