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Are you struggling to find ideas for your next bathroom vanity that fits into your small space? Finding the right option to suit your bathroom style can be challenging. That is why in this article we will cover the best vanities for small bathrooms so you can spend more time enjoying it instead of thinking of renovations. 

What Is A Vanity?

A bathroom vanity is a piece of cabinetry that also holds your bathroom sink. The cabinet gives you bathroom storage for the essentials you need. The enclosed cabinet also hides the sink and plumbing, helping you get a better bathroom design. People that are noise conscious should look for ones that have soft-close doors or add soft-close hinges themselves.

Vanities also have a benchtop made of either separate material or integrated with the sink. An independent sink can be mounted on top of the benchtop or can be of a recessed design where part of it or all of it is inside the cabinet. 

The Best Vanities For Small Bathrooms

Matte Black Wall Hung Vanity


One of the best vanities for small bathrooms are wall hung vanities. These vanities gained popularity in recent years for their sleek, contemporary design. They also help to create a more spacious feeling in bathrooms. Try one in matte black to add an even more modern and luxurious look to your bathroom. This one in all black will also help with colour blocking in your bathroom design.

Dark Grey Wood Grain Freestanding Vanity With Drawers


This freestanding vanity is customisable, with different benchtop and pop-up waste options. The drawers also maximise the available cabinet space, with extra convenience provided by not having to bend down to see what is inside. A unique look is created from the dark grey wood finish, and pairing it with a marble top makes it a great standout bathroom centrepiece.

Concrete Finish Freestanding Vanity With Kickboard


If you have an industrial-themed bathroom filled with solid surfaces, this concrete finish freestanding vanity with kickboard is perfect for you. The blocky design with straight edges and flat concrete texture finish will emphasise the rest of your industrial design choices to create a unique bathroom space.

Try a Freestanding Basin


If you have a very small space that does not allow you to fit a vanity, the freestanding basin will be the right solution. This type of basin is not a vanity since it has no cabinets or storage, but fits into tight spaces that vanities can’t. Try having a separate shelving unit or cabinet elsewhere in your bathroom if storage is a big concern. Freestanding basins also help to make small bathrooms look bigger by reducing clutter.  

Wall Hung Vanity Tall Boy


A great option for people who do not have room for a large vanity but need the extra storage space in their small powder room is the wall hung tall boy. This wall-mounted vanity unit gives you additional storage for all your bathroom essentials and gives you a great interior design alternative to open shelving. This also makes for a perfect pairing with pedestal sinks that do not have integrated storage.

Make Your Small Bathroom Look Big With The Right Vanity!

So there you have it, all the best vanities for your small bathroom. With these curated vanities, you are sure to make an incredible bathroom space, no matter how limited your space is. Check out MyHomeware for all your bathroom renovation needs.

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