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A scented candle is not just a candle that spreads a special kind of fragrance, it is also a peaceful source of energy. When we want to calm down and center ourselves, we light a candle. A candle has a deep and special meaning. It is representative of a much larger force that we feel within us. It helps us to feel calm, comfortable, and laid back, and leads us to foray into a world where for a minute we forget the worries that plague us. However, where to find the best scented candles to enjoy many of their benefits? Here’s a list of top Australian scented candles for all our fellow Aussies that will help them to introspect, and understand their deeper selves better.

best scented candles

Top Best-Scented Candles From Australia That Purifies The Aura

1. Cocorrina Large Size Scented Candle – Mossy Pine With Golden Lid

Cocorrina large size candles have a unique winter smell. It smells fresh of pine and makes you reminisce about winters and feel loved again. The candle is meant for large spaces 50-60 sq. ft living room. It has a good combustion rate too and can burn for 45-50 hours which can be a great bath and body works candle in winter. The fragrance smoke has a tinge of color in it, because of Soy wax, this candle is environment friendly and also costs only $41 AUD at MyHomeware.

cocorrina large size scented candle

2. Sage + Oat Milk Candle

This candle is also an amazing head-cleaner that has a peaceful sublime texture to its smell. Because the sage influences your mind. The oat milk provides a nourishing scent. Despite having such strong sources of fragrance, it is not a strong scented candle. This is a big candle and can potentially burn for 65 hours. It costs you $39 AUD and it’s available on websites like ULTA Beauty and Keys Soulcare.

sage oat milk candle

3. Vanilla Tobacco Flower Tonka

This is a vanilla scented candle with a tinge of spice. The mid-note and the base note of the candle have a strong vanilla fragrance with a tobacco flower scent. This candle was meant to serve as a mix of sweet and spicy scents. You’ll have ginger, nutmeg, and a strong tobacco smell. Try not to overburn your candle. The wick length should be 1/4th of the original length. You also have a candle scent available to buy. This beautiful candle is available at Maison Louis Marie at $38 AUD.

Vanilla tobacco flower tonka

4. “Speakeasy” Harlem Map Ceramic Candle

Speakeasy’s Harlem mix lets you feel the Harlem late nights smell. This candle oozes both class and spiciness. It recreates the strong smells we feel in the late nights of Harlem when we head over to a pub. It costs $98 AUD. It has a great smell and texture of different spices like a gambling roundtable, combine with classic ceramics.

harlem map ceramic candle

5. Love Jones Candle – Freres Branchiaux

Love Jones candles have a blend of scents. This is a great option for people who do not like vanilla scents. It smells like a fruit basket in a good way. As this candle combusts you have an apple and peach fragrance. You also have amber jasmine, white cedar, and other flower smell that overpower post the burning. You can find this candle at Target.

love jones candle

6. Kith x Malin+Goetz Vapor Candle

This candle also hits differently, as it purifies the aura. It has a subtle wintery smell to it resembling the fresh scent of snow, birch, currant, and pink pepper. It feels like the Winterland will land again soon. This beautiful candle comes at $55. You can get this candle at Kith’s website.

kith x malin goetz vapor candle

7. Diptyque Green Figuier Scented Candle

This mystique candle on the NordStorm website is an amazing concoction of grassy, woody, and fig smells. However, this product is more than that. It climbed to fame because this same scent happen to be in place during Prince Harry and Meghan’s wedding. The entire theme was figure woods fragrance based.

diptyque green figuier scented candle

8. Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day Lavender-Scented Soy Candle

This candle has a mono fragrance. The aura certainly changes like never before when you light this beauty. The lavender scent comes through strongly here. The other best thing about the product is its pricing. The product comes at an affordable price of $11 on Target. You can buy 2 for $22 on Amazon.

mrs meyers clean day lavender scented soy candle

9. Village Candle Coffee Bean Glass Jar Scented

Village candle is made from scratch by the craftsmen of Wells, Maine in the United States. It is a coffee scented candle but its legacy traces far beyond today’s time. The fragrance that comes out is a unique coffee smell. There is that tinge of expresso in its fragrance, including an overlaying of Pecan and Tonca bean smell. The weight of the product is 2.75 pounds. It also comes in two wicks. This candle should cost you anywhere between $41 AUD in Amazon Australia.

village candle coffee bean glass jar scented

10. RCKEY Smokeless Candles

RCKEY smokeless resembles your perfect Christmas scented candles. It smells like a bountiful joy. It is made of soy wax making it the perfect combustible candle as there is no smoke happening in soy wax. It comes in very unique color combinations and that includes red, rose gold, green, and gold. It is environmentally friendly and has many overtones in its fragrance. It is currently available for $14 AUD on Amazon.

rckeys smokeless candles

11. Chesapeake Bay Candle Scented Candle, Stillness & Purity

Chesapeake Bay Candle has a unique pure smell. It’s a rose scented candle, and the candle scent oil has a rose and earthy smell. The smells of the roses are exquisite. It weighs 8 ounces. And come in 17 variants. It costs $33 AUD on Amazon.

chesapeake bay candle scented candle


Candles light up the aura in your room. The surrounding you have depends a lot on the kind of personality you owe. Keep more vibrant, peaceful surroundings and have time for yourself. You use your candles while going on a date, sometimes during lovemaking and a candle-scented bathing and body wash session. It is far more intimate and private to you. So research and choose any of the best scented candles in Australia you feel are worth buying.

FAQ about Best Scented Candles

1. Why Is Soy Wax Environmentally Friendly?

Soy wax is derived from fast-growing soybean plants instead of animal or fossil resources, so it’s renewable, sustainable, and biodegradable to reduce the impact on the environment. If you’re looking for environmentally friendly candles, soy wax offers an eco-friendly strategy for conscientious consumers looking to light up their homes with kindness!

2. What Candle Scent Smells the Best?

This really depends on personal preference. Some of the most welcomed candle scents according to searches on the internet include vanilla, rose, lavender, coffee, coconut, and chocolate. We advise you to try at least some of them before you buy to see which one you like best.

3. What Scents to Avoid in Candles?

It’s very important to avoid chemical fragrances in candles since scents from candles will fill the whole room for a long time and also be inhaled into our bodies. So, be sure to check and buy plant-based candles and never opt for synthetic fragrance candles which may emit harmful substances like formaldehyde.

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