The 5 Best Rain Shower Heads You Should Pick

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A rain shower head gives you the magical sensation of rinsing off under a fresh cascade of water while also making your bathroom look more luxurious.

With so many models to choose from, it can be difficult to narrow down your search. Luckily, we have done the research and compiled this list of the 5 best rain shower heads on the market today. Featuring an array of shapes, sizes, and water flow options, these shower heads are sure to suit any bathroom style or personal preference and turn an average day into a luxurious spa-like experience. This article will help you to choose the best rain shower heads (Australia standard) that meets your needs.

the 5 best rain shower heads

Best Rain Shower Heads Recommendation

The following are the best rain shower heads, and we highly recommend them to you.

MyHomeware 200MM 8 Inch ABS Square Black Rainfall Shower Head

myhomeware 200mm 8 inch abs square black rainfall shower head

MyHomeware 200MM 8 Inch ABS Square Black Rainfall Shower Head is a low-cost option for a shower head. This shower head is among the best big shower heads and is constructed of ABS plastic and has a matte black finish. The shower head will look great in any modern bathroom and is a long-lasting product with a 5-year warranty.

The dimension of this rain shower is 203.9mm x 203.9mm x 10mm. Furthermore, the shower head has a swivel ball joint that allows you to control the direction of the water. With its prices, looks, and durability, this shower head is a must-have for any bathroom.

This shower head meets Australian standards and is WELS-approved. So, there is no doubt about the quality of this shower head, and it is undoubtedly ideal for your bathroom.

Grohe Euphoria 260

grohe euphoria 260

The Euphoria 260 ceiling rain shower head from Grohe is attractive and feels durable. You can effortlessly mount it on the ceiling or the wall. It is better to mount it overhead, but wall mounting should also work well in spacious showers with the right arm attachment.

This model has spray settings that are adjustable via a button located in the center of the shower head. It is ideal for those who enjoy a gentle rain shower but occasionally desire more pressure. The construction features three concentric circles that serve as different spray zones.

The main drawback of this product is its higher price tag and plastic construction.

MyHomeware 200MM 8 Inch Stainless Steel 304 Chrome Super-slim Round Rainfall Shower Head

myhomeware 200mm 8 inch stainless steel 304 chrome super slim round rainfall shower head

Come home to enjoy a relaxing shower with this stylish round shower head. Allow the water drops to fall delicately from the ultra-thin head, which has a WELS-approved 3-star rating. The durable stainless-steel construction with a gleaming chrome finish adds luster to any dull or fading bathroom.

The dimension of this shower is 200mm x 200mm x 2mm. This 8-inch round shower head is made of 304 stainless steel. This also has a 360° Swivel ball joint that can be adjusted to fit your needs.

Aquadance 7-Inch Premium Rainfall Combo

aquadance 7 inch premium rainfall combo

If you want a dual showerhead with a lot of features, the Aquadance 7-inch Premium Rainfall Combo is one of the best rain shower heads with handheld. It comes with a handheld showerhead, a stainless steel shower hose, and a spray head that sits behind the main showerhead. Both have a full coverage spray setting, an intense massage setting, a combination setting, and a mist.

Full coverage on both the main shower and the handheld showerhead feels great. It strikes a balance between firmness and wide coverage while remaining relaxing.

You can pause the flow of either if you wish to conserve water while you suds. You can simultaneously run both showerheads with the same or different settings. With the dual shower setting, you will lose some water pressure, but you can easily switch between the main showerhead and the handheld shower.

Suptaps 6” High Pressure 4-Settings Rain Shower Head

suptaps 6 high pressure 4 settings rain shower head

Due to its compact size and affordable price point, this sleek, contemporary shower head from Suptaps is one of the most popular. The first thing you can notice after turning it on is the strong water pressure. However, with four spray patterns and lighter rain shower options, this shower head has become ideal for families with varying shower preferences.

This 6-inch shower head rotates 360 degrees and offers four spray options, each of which is equally effective: saturating spray, slice-dot massage spray, misty spray, and waterfall spray. To change the spray, we had to manually turn the shower head, which felt awkward at first but became simple after we got the hang of it.

This shower head can be rotated 180 degrees to accommodate different height requirements. To make the position of this shower head more versatile, attach the shower head to standard shower arms (sold separately).


Hope this article helps you to choose the best rain shower head that is perfect for your bathroom. The rainfall shower head provided in this article is the top 5 rain shower heads on the market. However, if you are still uncertain about which products to purchase, we recommend MyHomeware rain shower heads, which have been approved by the Australian WELS standard and come with a 5-year warranty, making them a great choice for long-lasting use.

FAQ about Best Rain Shower Heads

1. Do Rain Shower Heads Have Good Water Pressure?

Rain shower heads typically do not have high water pressure because they are designed to imitate a soothing waterfall with soft, delicate spray patterns. However, there are models that come with additional functions that increase water pressure. Some have an adjustable flow rate or different spray patterns that can increase water pressure if desired; however, you must ensure that the model you purchase has these features.

2. What Should I Look for When Purchasing a Rain Shower Head?

You should look for a rain shower head that can be installed in your shower without taking up additional space, is easy to install to existing pipes (unless you’re hiring a plumber), and provides the water pressure and coverage you want.

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