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Taking a bath under the shower is a pleasant experience in itself. But, using an LED shower head adds a therapeutic effect to your showering habits. Light can control your mood because colors affect perception. We can associate colors with a sense of happiness and enthusiasm. Then, why not add multicolored lights to your shower head to make your exit from the bathroom even more refreshed? In this article, we talk about the best LED shower heads. So, stay tuned and keep reading the post to know more about taking showers with LED showerheads.

best led shower head

What Is a LED Shower Head?

An LED shower head is just like a regular shower head. The difference mainly lies in if they support LED lighting. The shower with led lights has a small dynamo (DC voltage generator) built into them. This dynamo is attached to a small wheel. When water flows over this wheel, it starts rotating, and as a result, the dynamo also starts revolving. The dynamo then converts the rotational energy into electrical energy that powers the LED lights.

LED shower heads are a great way to add a bit of stylish, environmentally friendly convenience to your bathroom. Not only do they look great and instantly upgrade the look of any bathroom, but they also provide a broader range of lighting options that allow you to personalize your bathing experience based on your individual needs and preferences.

Best LED Shower Head – Our Recommendations to You

Want to buy the best LED shower head for your bathroom? See the list of top products below. At least one of the products listed below will surely fascinate you.

MyHomeWare 10 Inch Square LED Rainfall Shower Head

myhomeware 10 inch led rain shower head

If you want to enjoy a real rain shower in your bathroom, go with this product blindly. This light up shower head comes with a ball joint with a 360-degree swivel function. There is also a safety function in this shower head that allows it to flash LED lights in red to indicate that the water is too hot to bathe. One cool thing about this product is that it is WELS approved for saving water and energy. If you are looking for a led shower head Australia, then you can get it for $203 on MyHomeware’s website.

DreamSpa All Chrome LED Shower Head

dreamspa led shower head

This shower head from DreamSpa comes with five shower settings which include power rain, pulsating massage, hydro-mist, economy rain, and water-saving pause. It is an auto colour changing shower head that glows the LEDs as per the water temperature and is also easy to install.

HotelSpa 1485 LED Handheld Shower

hotel spa 3 led shower head

If you want more convenience while bathing then, consider HotelSpa 1485 handheld LED shower. This is an LED shower head that has an LCD for temperature. It provides five different spray settings for a soothing bath. It also features an extra flexible stainless steel hose that makes it easy to move around. 

Kairey Handheld Showerhead With Water Filter

kairey led shower head with water purification

This is the only LED shower head of its kind. It is not only equipped with 7 LED colors but also packs a multi-layer water purification system. Its self-cleaning silicone nozzles prevent shower blockages, which you can consider an added advantage.

 DreamSpa Shower Head Combo

dreamspa led shower head combo

Does low shower pressure get you down? Yes! Take shower luxury into your own hands with the Dual Shower. Either use the handheld shower or take a regular shower with the color-changing effect. The air jet design will never let the water pressure drop.

Dr. Faucet LED Rain Shower Head

dr faucet led shower head

Dr. Faucet LED rain shower head features a copper design that is non-toxic, long-lasting and resists rust. Don’t forget its 15.7-inch long hose that lets you reach every part of your body with ease while you shower. The overhead rain panel provides a soothing shower with color-changing LEDs.

Prugna Handheld LED Shower Head

prugna handheld led shower with chlorine filter

If you are suffering from water-induced dry skin and hair fall problems then you must consider this shower head. It claims to eliminate 99% of dissolved chlorine from water. It comes with a micro nozzle design that uses 35% less water without changing the pressure.

M Boenn Shower Systems Thermostatic LED Rain Shower Head

M Boenn Shower Systems Thermostatic LED Rain Shower Head

This shower with LED is a bit expensive but luxury has a price to pay. It comes with an inbuilt thermostat to control the temperature of the water. With the 64-color touch panel, you can control the LED colors and play music while you shower. The temperature of the thermostat is locked at a safety value of 38°C which is quite safe to use. This is also an LED waterfall shower head providing a strong rain-like showering experience via many tiny holes.

Buying Guide

Before buying an LED shower head, you must be aware of the following points.

  • Type Of Shower Head: LED shower heads are available in three variants – regular, handheld, and LED rain shower heads. You can go with either type depending on personal preference. The regular and rain shower head variants are fixed, while the handheld variant offers you a more convenient shower.
  •  Water And LED Pattern: Shower heads with configurable water patterns are a perfect choice. Controlling the water flow with a switch positively triggers your mood in several ways. The LED lighting patterns are automatic because of a microchip installed in the shower head. 
  • Ease Of Installation: Regular and handheld shower heads are easier to install. But if you are purchasing a rainfall shower head with led lights, then make sure that it isn’t difficult to install. LED rain shower head sprays water over a big area and remains fixed, so be careful with its installation.
  • Review: The customer’s evaluation of a product is very important, so don’t forget to check out the led shower head reviews. You can get the real evaluation you want most and you may see pictures of buyers showing similar bathroom styles to yours under their led rain shower head reviews.


Taking a shower bath is the best way to freshen yourself up. By adding LED lights to your shower, you are adding to the excitement of bathing. However, not all colors are likely to suit you. Choose the ones that are in natural harmony with your mood. We suggest you read the list we have compiled above for the best LED shower head.

FAQ about Best Led Shower Head

Do LED Shower Heads Need Electricity?

No! An LED showerhead does not require electricity or batteries to operate. A small electric generator or turbine is installed inside it. When water flows through the shower head, this turbine or generator starts spinning and produces current. The current then powers the LED lights on the shower.

How Long Does an LED Showerhead Last?

Most Led showerheads are very durable and can last a lifetime. Technically speaking, LED rainfall/waterfall showerheads have a lifespan of about 100,000 hours. So we advise you to avoid cheap unknown ones but choose warranted quality ones like those shower heads at MyHomeware to enjoy more benefits.

How to Clean LED Shower Head?

First, use the shower head cleaner and a soft brush to clean it.
Second, if the LEDs are not flashing, unscrew the shower head and check the generator coil.
Third, make sure all rubber seals are intact and no water has gotten near the generator coil and LED circuit. Last, if the generator is rusted or fails to spin, please replace your LED shower head.

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