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Among the popular trends in health and wellness, you may have heard a lot of praise for cold showers. Some of the benefits that these health gurus are weight loss, pain and stress relief, etc. But is there any solid evidence for these benefits? Or are the cold shower benefits hype?

If you have these concerns in mind, then you’d be glad to know that the blog I prepared will give you the facts you need about health claims and whether there’s the truth about it or just another myth.

So without further ado, let’s begin today’s discussion on what are the benefits of cold showers…

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Are Cold Showers Good for You?

Cold showers can seem intimidating at first and you may risk hypothermia if you are exposed to extremely cold waters for a long time. However, this may not be exactly the case if you are dipping for only a short period and your body has a high tolerance for low temperatures. And, you can even take note that cold water has certain advantageous impacts on the human body, just as you may have heard that there can be health benefits of cold showers that can boost our overall wellness.

However, taking cold showers is not good for everyone. And, there may be a health risk of becoming too enamored with the embrace of cold water if you’re involved in conditions like high blood pressure, immune system concerns and heart disease, etc. Extreme low temperatures will lower your body temperature suddenly which will lead to health complications from mild to severe cases. So be sure to shower with cold water only if you’re sure to be okay with low temperatures and always do it progressively.


10 Benefits of Cold Showers

Now that we know that taking a cold shower is sure to do some good to our bodies. Next, let’s see 10 specific benefits of cold showers that you should take note of:

1. Cold Showers for Weight Loss

Probably, the most popular benefits of a cold shower trend that you might be hearing around all over the internet are that it induces weight loss. it was said that the fat cells in our bodies will be activated and become warm when taking a cold shower because our body temperature will drop suddenly in the cold water. Besides, taking a cold shower can improve our metabolism and alter the composition of our gut bacteria to burn fat in our bodies.

So taking a cold shower may be a good choice to let our body accustomed to shedding excess fat. Surely this option can only be taken as a supplementary helper and should be used with other habits like practicing and thoughtful eating if you really want to reduce weight.

2. Cold Shower Mental Benefits

A slow progression of cold water trickling down your body was found to show positive results in improving your mental health. This is especially true when it comes to the benefits of cold shower in the morning because it releases endorphins, also known as the “feel-good hormones that help the person kickstart the day with a positive outlook for the day.

It was even found in a study that it responds extremely well to people with depression.

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3. Increase Your Sperm Count

The benefits of cold showers for men are that there are reports pointing to male fertility because it is believed that it increases the testosterone level upon taking this regimen on a daily basis.

4. Natural Astringent

Now, the benefits of cold showers for women is that such a practice is proven to act as a natural astringent because it closes the pores for several minutes or even hours or so that prevents the skin from accumulating dirt and other elements. As a result, it gives the ladies the smooth and fairer skin they seek.

5. Improve Heart Health

Again, cold showers are not the primary source of treatment when it comes to ailments and the like. But they can support you greatly and give you a huge amount of ease, especially if you have a heart condition. A sudden rush of cold water sends a signal to the brain that prompts the heart to beat faster. As a result, it increases the rate of blood flow, which also lowers cortisol levels—a hormone known as the “stress hormone.”

6. Physical Pain Reliever

A cold shower is helpful for relieving pains for reasons as follows: first, you’ll start to change your focus when there is a sudden temperature change in the cold shower. second, a cold shower will also facilitate blood circulation to areas in pain and improve the recovery phase. in addition, the cold temperature also contracts blood vessels and reduces swelling, thus potentially numbing the nerve endings under the skin.

7. Boost Your Alertness

It’s no secret, and you might have noticed as well that you suddenly become awake when you trickle down cold water on your body. And this is because the low temperature of the water significantly impacts your nerve endings. So for those who always don’t want to get up early for work or something, it’s a good option to take a cold shower for a few minutes to keep alert and enjoy the benefits of cold showers in the morning.

8. Aid the Immune System

Again, what you have to take note of here is the word “support.” A research study that was conducted in 2016 shows that people who shower with cold water as part of their daily regimen are 29% less likely to get sick. The boost in the immune system is due to the increase in the metabolic rate.

9. Help Your Body Recover Faster After an Intense Workout

Our body may undergo physical pain after an intense workout. And you may have heard of athletes taking a cold bath or even an ice bath to promote recovery. That’s because cold water can stimulate blood vessels to constrict and then direct the blood to vital organs like the heart and lungs where the blood is badly needed. After that, the oxygenated blood can be transported throughout the body. Besides, cold water is also helpful to the inflammation you may have after an injury, thus speeding up recovery and reducing pain.

10. Help You Manage Stress

Showering cold water after 30 to 40 minutes upon arriving from work help you manage stress by lowering the cortisol levels and increasing the number of endorphins being released by the brain.


I hope the blog prepared for today has enlightened you on the health benefits of cold showers and how they could potentially boost health and wellness. However, you have to shower with cold water moderately because it could still harm you if not handled properly. And, if you are looking for the best shower products that can help you harness the full benefits of cold water at a controlled level, check out high-quality showers with good control of temperature like MyHomeware twin showers. Hope you can have a strong and healthy body day by day with both hot and cold shower benefits.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Benefits of Cold Showers

Below are the additional questions that people have about the benefits of cold showers:

Is It OK to Take Cold Showers Every Day?

Yes. It is okay to take cold showers every day as long as the low temperature is tolerable. However, those who have heart conditions, high blood pressure, a weak immune system or other concerns should ask for professional advice before taking a cold shower.

How Long Should a Cold Shower Be?

If you are planning to make cold showers part of your daily routine, they should be taken gradually. Immerse your body in cold water for one minute, and then work yourself for five minutes and up to 10 or 15 minutes. Do this every day until your body gets accustomed to the routine.

What are the Disadvantages of Cold Showers?

Actually, immersing in cold showers for longer periods can make your body slowly warm up. Thus, cold showers are not ideal for people who already have a fever or influenza because it will take time for their bodies to warm up again, which could worsen the situation. Also, a cold shower is not good for most elders or others who are in heart or immune conditions and should keep warm in life.

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