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Everyone dreams of a home along the coast. Beach homes and waterfront properties are some of the most sought after homes and as such are more expensive than homes far from the water – almost 70% more expensive! But you don’t have to pay exorbitant prices to enjoy a slice of the beach life. You can turn your home’s bathroom into one that evokes the coast with these 5 beach bathroom ideas.

Our Top 5 Beach Bathroom Ideas


Lean Into Coastal Colours

A great way to transform your bathroom into a beach bathroom is to utilise beachy, coastal colours. Colours such as white, grey, blue or beige are fantastic choices and should make up your main colour palette. To add some additional flair, you can use colours such as yellow and orange as accent pieces. Leaning into these colours go a long way into giving you the coastal vibes you may be looking for.

Maximise Natural Light

To further channel the sunny shores and the sea breeze of beach life, consider maximising the amount of natural light in your bathroom. Invest in large windows and skylights and opt for blinds instead of curtains, and try to keep them open as much as possible to allow air to flow through. To also increase the distribution and flow of natural light in your room, look to buy large mirrors or a frameless shower with clear doors.


More Space, Less Clutter

Emphasise the breezy, open space nature of coastal bathrooms by making sure your bathroom is clutter free. There are a multitude of storage options that are available to keep your toiletries and personal belongings neatly tucked away. Floating shelves are fantastic options and further contribute to a beach bathroom’s aesthetic appeal. Using woven baskets and buckets are more great beach bathroom ideas, as they fit into the overall coastal, ocean theme.

Beach and Nautical Decor

There’s nothing that says ‘beach bathroom’ than appropriately themed decor! Nautical paintings or framed beach or coastal photos are a great addition to any beach bathroom. More decor beach bathroom ideas include the addition of coastal plants such as pampas grass or kentia palms, or hanging coastal coloured towels on your towel racks.


Invest in a Statement Piece

Finish your beach bathroom with an amazing statement piece. There are several statement pieces you can consider. A sleek white freestanding bath, or an incredible woven chandelier, or a coastal coloured vanity can all act as the final piece that brings your beach bathroom to life.

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