The 5 Best Bathtubs For Small Bathrooms

bathtubs for small bathrooms
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Small bathroom spaces can be hard to furnish, and finding the right bath can be very confusing. It can take hours of searching for a soaking tub that fits not only you but also your space. So that’s why we’ve put together the 5 best bathtubs for small bathrooms to make yours into the sanctuary you’ve been dreaming of.

What Are The Best Bathtubs For Small Bathrooms?

Corner Bathtub


An interesting way to make your bathroom standout is a corner bathtub

Starting off with what the best bathtubs for small bathrooms are corner tubs, which are bathtubs that sit in the corner of your bathroom. They’re great at using all the space in a corner and also great if you want to separate the shower from the bath area. Corner tubs give your bathroom space a more luxurious feel, with a more dedicated space for the bathtub and shower.

Another interesting feature of corner bathtubs is how they break up the lines and design of your bathroom space. Homeowners looking for a less linear bathroom space prefer choosing corner bathtubs because they make a striking difference to traditional bathrooms. When put into a corner with windows on each side, they provide a great new way to appreciate the natural light or outside view.

Small Freestanding Tub


Freestanding tubs don’t need much space 

Continuing to gain popularity, freestanding bathtubs are completely separate from the walls of a bathroom. They not only work as statement pieces, but small freestanding baths also help in saving space. A freestanding tub also gives an extra level of freedom for where they can be placed. This especially suits contemporary bathrooms, where a unique or ultra-sleek design is needed to complement the bathtub.

Round Shape Bathtubs

Round shape bathtubs are a unique take on the bathtub formula. Unlike rectangular or oval shaped bathtubs, a circular bathtub is an elegant way to create a unique bathroom space. Having a round yet small sized bathtub will help you to free up surrounding space in your bathroom. And without any sharp edges or corners to cause accidents, bump into or fall on is also great for those with young children.

Back To Wall Bathtub

A back to wall tub is a bathtub that connects to one wall in your bathroom. This leaves space on either side for you to use. You can place some bathroom indoor plants, shelves or cabinets to help you maximise the available space. These are great for making a bathroom space that is rarely seen in the usual everyday home.

Drop in Tub


Most bathrooms have drop in tubs because of how cost effective they are

Our final recommendation for the best bathtubs for small bathrooms is the drop in tub. A drop in tub is a bathtub which is built to be installed into a frame or surround. A drop in tub is not only a space saver, but is also very budget friendly. Best of all, they’re also great for integrating the bath and shower into one space.

Take Your Pick!

Now that you’ve learnt about what the best bathtubs for small bathrooms are, it’s time to pick one out. At MyHomeware, choosing a bathtub is easy. We stock a large selection of small bathtubs in many different styles, from corner bathtubs to back-to-wall style bathtubs. Find yours today!

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