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You may have seen many beautiful bathtub photos and are surprised by their great bathtub photoshoot ideas.Not only are they unique and creative, but can also yield stunning results while being relatively low maintenance and cost-effective. Whether you are looking for inspiration or setting up your first-ever bathtub shoot, this guide will provide you with some cool bath photoshoot ideas that make a lasting impression.

bathtub photoshoot ideas

How to Do Bathtub Photoshoots?

Bathtub photoshoots are a great way to capture intimate and beautiful moments. Whether you’re shooting for art or for memories, there are several tips and tricks that can help you create stunning photos of your bathtub.

  1. Choose the right items. When it comes to styling the scene, choose items that will complement the bathtub without taking away from its beauty. Decorate with subtle accents such as candles or flowers in shades that blend in well with the surroundings.
  2. Try different lighting and angles. Use soft lighting to emphasize the details of your tub and take multiple shots at different angles, focal lengths, and depths of field for more interesting results.
  3. Composition is important. It is important to consider the composition of the shot and to make sure the model is comfortable and safe in the tub.
bath photoshoot ideas

What You Need to Prepare When Doing Bathtub Photoshoots

A bathtub photoshoot is perfect for romantic pictures or models wanting to capture something special. Not only can you control the lighting in the small space, but there are plenty of props that can help bring out your vision on camera. Check out the lists below.

  1. Confetti
  2. Balloons
  3. Flowers
  4. Bathrobe
  5. Plants
  6. Various types of mirrors

12 Bathtub Photoshoot Ideas

Milk Bath Photoshoot Ideas

Couple sessions, minimalist imagery, and sensual photoshoot are some suitable concepts for milk bathtub photoshoot ideas. It requires 4-7 liters of milk per shoot to fill the bathtub with warm water and create an opaque texture. Make sure to choose a white bathtub as it will bring harmonious color combinations to the photograph. Matches its name, this photoshoot requires milk as the bathtub photography prop.


Bubble Bath Photoshoot Ideas

bubble photoshoot

Many people agree that bubble bath brings some joy to bathing activities and there is no need to hesitate to bring the activity into the photoshoot concept. From having a bubble bath to playing with bubble guns, many activities can be included in great bubble bath photoshoot ideas.

Green Garden Bathtub Photoshoot Ideas for Baby

More exciting outdoor bathtubs ideas are coming up by having photoshoot sessions in the middle of a garden. Arranging a white bathtub as the bathtub photography prop in the garden and you can easily execute ideal bathtub photoshoot ideas for baby girls or boys. To get the best results, schedule the photo shoot during the early morning or late afternoon when the subject is surrounded by soft, warm light.

bathroom photoshoot ideas

Party in The Bathtub

For a fun and lively bathtub photoshoot, consider organizing a bathroom party photoshoot concept. You will need a beautiful dress, wine or champagne, and decorations like balloons or an arch that fit the theme of the shoot. By having beautiful sets in this theme, you can also add some home-living properties, such as MyHomeware’s reed diffuser, to elevate amazing results for this one of many bathroom photoshoot ideas.


Wine-ding Down in The Bathtub, a Photoshoot Idea

Relax and unwind by incorporating a refreshing drink into your bathtub photoshoot ideas, whether it be wine, lemonade, or soda. To add visual appeal, consider using red or blueberry wine to the bathtub photography prop lists.

bathtub photoshoot ideas wineding down

Retro-style Bathtub Photoshoot

Want to take an intimate or private photoshoot? Why not try taking a photo of a vintage bathtub? Retro bathtubs with a retro shape, color, and materials are always a great choice for shooting. You could find the right one in antique stores or vintage furniture shops, even using your own tub. With some soft lighting and small props, you can create an alluring atmosphere that will surely captivate your viewers.

retro photoshoot

Flower Bathtub Photo

If you do not have a beautiful or vintage bathtub, you can enhance the outdoor bathtub shot by using flowers. Arrange a bouquet in the tub and take the photo from a top-down angle to focus on the model’s entire body or specific parts such as the face, legs, or hands. This idea is particularly suitable for maternity photography.

bathtub photoshoot flower

Bathtub Photoshoot Ideas in the Middle of Woods

If you are looking for outdoor bathtub ideas, consider using an outdoor bathtub in the middle of the woods. This creates a unique and beautiful setting for your photoshoot. Use props such as candles and flowers to add elegance to your shots and create a magical feel.  

outdoor bathtub

Romantic Bathtub Photoshoot Ideas

To create a romantic ambiance for a bathroom photoshoot, try using candles and rose petals as decorations. Place the petals around the bathtub and light up candles to establish a cozy and intimate setting. Enhance the elegance by adding a glass of champagne and a bouquet to have perfect bathroom photoshoot ideas.

bathtub photoshoot romantic

Spa Day, A Mesmerizing Bathtub Photoshoot Idea

For a bath photoshoot that captures the essence of relaxation and luxury, try incorporating spa-inspired elements such as candles, flowers, and other props to create a soothing atmosphere. This type of photoshoot can be great for promoting products or brands, or for showcasing the importance of self-care.

bathtub photoshoot spa day

Decorate with Red

A popular bathtub photo shoot idea is to add style with red accents, such as candles or flowers. This will add color to your photos and make them look more vibrant. You can also wear bright red lipstick to contrast with the white of your bathtub. To make sure that the bathroom looks clean, place fresh towels and flowers in the background to give more depth to your photos.


Calming Bathtub Photoshoot Idea

Create a serene atmosphere for your bathtub photoshoot by using aroma oils and playing soothing music, and lighting a candle for added ambiance. This will help to make the setting as relaxed as possible, resulting in more natural and comfortable poses for your subject.

bathtub photoshoots calming


In conclusion, bathtub photoshoot ideas can be a unique and creative way to capture stunning photos. They can also be relatively low maintenance and cost-effective. Whether you’re a professional photographer or just looking for inspiration, this guide provides a variety of ideas for you to try. From milk baths to vintage bathtubs, there’s something for everyone. Remember to consider the composition of the shot, lighting, and safety of the model, and use bathtub photography props that will add interest to the shot. With a little bit of preparation and creativity, you can achieve amazing results.

FAQ about Bathtub Photoshoot Ideas

How to Make a Milk Bath?

Making a milk bath for a bath photoshoot idea can be done by filling the tub with warm water and adding an appropriate amount of whole milk, and/or powdered milk, and/or milk bath product. Besides, you can also add essential oil, bath salts, etc for additional benefits.

What Do You Wear to a Milk Bath Photoshoot?

One popular option for a milk bath photoshoot is to wear a white flowing dress or a lace dress, as it creates a dreamy and ethereal look. Additionally, you can also use a flower crown or other bathtub photography props to enhance the overall aesthetic of the shoot.

How Can I Make My Milk Bath Less Boring?

One idea is to take an outdoor milk bath photoshoot in a natural setting, such as a lake or a forest, to add a unique and interesting background to your photos. Another idea is to incorporate props, such as flowers, fruit, or even props like a book, to add diversity to your shots and make the overall scene more visually interesting.

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