4 Ideas to Do Bathroom Renovations on a Budget

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Thinking of giving your bathroom a whole new look? Bathroom renovations are a great way to do just that. You might be concerned about the price of a reno but bathroom renovations on a budget aren’t impossible. You can still get great results without spending an exorbitant amount. Here are 4 cost effective ideas to save money while revamping your bathroom.

How much do bathroom renovations usually cost?

According to data from HiPages, bathroom renovation costs in Australia can range from anywhere from $10000 or $30000. That is a lot of money! Even renovating a small bathroom less than five square metres can cost you up to $9700.

But achieving fantastic renovation results don’t have to cost you that much! Even a total budget of $5000 can give you a new bathroom makeover you’ll be proud of – especially with these 4 ideas.


Retrofitting is a fantastic way to update your bathroom and make it feel brand new. But what is retrofitting? Retrofitting is making changes or new additions to existing bathroom fixtures and products.


Some examples of retrofitting are swapping out the tapware on your bathtub or vanities, or changing your bathroom’s shower heads. Retrofitting doesn’t have to cost you too much and is especially ideal for those working within a small space.

New Tiling

Tiles are silent bathroom budget killers since their cost can  quickly add up without you realising. They’re usually considered ‘must-haves’ but you’ll be glad to know that you don’t have to cover your entire bathroom in shiny new tiles.


Instead of tiling full walls, try keeping the tiles to half the wall length or saving them purely for feature walls in wet places such as the shower. Doing so will still give you the luxurious look of new wall tiles without blowing your budget.

New Vanities

If you’re looking to perform bathroom renovations on a budget, one great way to keep the cost low is by replacing your bathroom vanity. A great vanity can act as the centrepiece or focal point of your bathroom, and in most cases, all it takes is a vanity update to revamp your bathroom.


Purely replacing your vanity is also a quick job that can be done by yourself in the span of a weekend, meaning you won’t have to pay third parties such as plumbers to do the work for you.

Refinish your shower and tub

Showers and tubs are probably the most expensive elements of your bathroom, especially when you count the cost of installation. Instead of throwing out your existing one, you can instead choose to refinish it.

Refinishing a bathtub or shower involves thoroughly cleaning it, fixing minor cracks or scrapes and applying new coatings of paint and primer. This will save you a lot of money while still making your shower or tub look like a whole brand new product.

Bathroom renovations on a budget are possible!

With these 4 ideas, you can get that brand new bathroom you’re looking for without having to spend 5 figures. Get your bathroom renovations on a budget started by grabbing the products talked about in this article today at MyHomeware!

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