Top 4 Bathroom Window Treatment Ideas

Bathroom window treatments
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Bathroom window treatments are the perfect finishing touch to a beautiful bathroom. Window treatments offer that all-important privacy and the ability to control lighting and ventilation. Follow along with these top 4 Window treatment ideas to enhance your restroom. 

Control light with shutters

Shutters have adjustable slats which allow for light control in the room. Shutters create that holiday feel and come in various finishes and materials. You can match the colour to the interior walls or go for a timber look. But, choosing a shutter that will complement your bathroom is essential. 

Shutters are helpful for several reasons, including controlling the amount of sunlight that enters a room—providing privacy and security to protect against weather, unwanted intrusion or damage. 

Bathroom window treatments

Shutter windows to control airflow and maintain privacy!

Create a Calm Feeling with Sheer Curtains

Sheer curtains make practical bathroom window treatments. They soften harsh light and boast a gentle texture. Sheer curtains are also a brilliant way to create a sense of a peaceful spa-like feeling in a luxury bathroom.

Layering them with blinds or shutters will provide ample privacy. For privacy without sacrificing brightness, look for a light-coloured fabric that’s thin and rough to let natural light shine through. 

Sheer drapery is a see-through style that lets soft light filter into your space. It looks great alone but to add more depth, try layering it with solid colours or patterns.

Bathroom window treatments

Sheer curtains are stylish and practical

Tint Bathroom Window Treatments

Not a fan of bulky curtains and shutters? Try tinting your windows. Tinted windows do not take up any space while giving privacy and decreasing glare and UV rays in the room. This leaves you room to add small decor items or fragrances to your bathroom. 

The bathroom is a sanctuary, a place to unwind. Thus, privacy is an essential aspect of bathroom window treatments. The most popular ranges of window tints are ones that have some opacity, yet still, allow sunlight into the room. 

Bathroom window treatments

Tinted windows allow light to travel through your bathroom while keeping your privacy! 

Cellular Shades

The cellular shades have a honeycomb design. This design maximises energy efficiency and insulates the home. 

Cellular shades come in single-cell, double and triple-cells. These offer different levels of light control from light filtering to blackout. Cell shapes in the blinds hold trapped air and create a barrier between the window surface and the room. This makes it perfect to keep the warmth inside during the winter. 

Unlike window blinds which contain hard materials, cellular shades are made of soft paper or cloth materials. Cellular shades make it easier to match the decor that you already have in your bathroom! 

The Window of Opportunity

It is important to remember that you can decorate windows to tie the bathroom together. Those were 4 bathroom window treatments you can experiment with in your bathroom! For more decor tips check out our blog page!

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