4 Bathroom Wall Art Ideas

Bathroom Wall Art Ideas
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Bathrooms might not be a room that you associate with art pieces. However, your home is where you can be bold with your artistic choices. To help you bring your bathroom to life, we discuss what you need to know about bathroom wall art ideas.

What Kinds of Artwork Are Good for a Bathroom?

The size, style, and ventilation in your bathroom are determining factors when choosing your home decor. When you are choosing art, there are three things to consider:

  1. Practicality: choose art that is framed with a sealed back to keep it safe from humidity
  2. Go small: it is more likely to fit and encourages you to get up close to see the details.
  3. Audience: you must cater the bathroom to the demographic of the user. For example, if it is a child’s bathroom, consider incorporating playful art. 

Bathroom Wall Art Ideas 

Decorating your bathroom can help you achieve your daily routine with efficiency. This is because a decorated area gives you a relaxing space to uplift and unwind beginning, and after a long day. Here are a few examples that showcase the latest bathroom wall art ideas to give a relaxing tone. 

Empty Picture Frames

When it comes to bathroom wall decor ideas, there are no specific rules to follow, therefore, who is to say that you have to include photos inside picture frames? Often, a frame by itself makes a bigger statement. This makes a great opportunity to create a gallery wall with frames, it also adds a 3D effect that will pop out. 

Bathroom Wall Art Ideas

Gallery walls do not have to be filled with pictures but they are a great way to showcase your personality!

To create a modern bathroom, a mirror gallery is a great focal design that will amaze your guests. The style concept is also an affordable way to turn your wall space interesting. Simply, grab various size mirrors and frames, map out how you want them to look, and hang them! If you want to make an effort to impress your friends, these bathroom wall art ideas will do the trick!

The 5th Wall

Bathroom wall art can be featured about anywhere, including a wall that is often missed, your ceiling. Instead of covering valuable space with art, think about painting your ceiling the same colours as your walls to bring your roof to life. This will help you better use your walls for needed storage space while creating an illusion of a larger space. With higher ceilings, it will create a more luxurious and expensive bathroom. 

Bathroom Wall Art Ideas

Create an illusion of a larger space by decorating your ceiling!

Tile Art

Who says that art has to be in the form of a painting or a drawing? You can create impressive bathroom wall art ideas with tiles and avoid any fears of damp artwork. For a less obvious design, use your tiles to create a simple pattern on one accent wall, adding texture and interest without it being too bold. For something more daring, choose tiles in contrasting colours or textures, by doing so, this will create a focal point in the space. 

Bathroom Wall Art Ideas

Tile art is a great way to add design without the constant worry of maintenance like art pieces.

Create a New Bathroom With Wall Art!

It is time to update your bathroom with these bathroom wall art ideas! Create an eye-catching room and make your bathroom the centre of the conversation. For more decor tips, check out our blog page!

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