How to Maintain and Manage Standard Bathroom Vanity Height?

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Bathroom vanities come in multiple shapes and sizes. In fact, even in terms of height, they may have different height options. The concept of standard vanity height may not be something that has not yet been standardized. The actual height is ideally determined by an average of different standards of vanity height.

What is the standard height of a bathroom vanity?

There are actually three different types of height arrangement utilized for standard bathroom vanity height. They are referred to as standard height, comfort height, and vessel sink height. You can check out for an average of these three different standards and decide on which vanity mirror height suits your individual preferences.

Standard bath vanity height

The standard bath vanity height is 32 inches from the floor. This type of vanity height would be ideally suitable for families that have younger kids or even those have lower height. Using any height larger than the standard bath vanity height may be unsuitable for the young children who may not be able to reach the countertop.

If you have a separate bathroom for kids, using a typical bathroom vanity height or standard bath vanity height would be a good option. Using standard vanity height for a bathroom that everyone uses may create inconvenience to the adults.

Comfort height vanity

The comfort height vanity is ideally at the height of 36 inches from the floors. In essence, most of the modern age vanities are designed on the basis of the comfort height vanity. These are, of course, at a higher level than the standard height vanity.

These will help you avoid the unnecessary pains associated with bending over the countertop to wash. These are ideally used in a bathroom where you do not want the kids to have access to any of the things on the countertop. It can be a great choice for those homes that have no children.

Vessel sink Unity

This is the third standard used in the bathroom vanity height with the vessel sink. This is one of the excellent options where you will find the height of the vanity lowered to accommodate the extra height added by a vessel sink. The vessel sinks actually add up 5 to 6 inches to the height of the vanity.

The Vessel sink Unity will ideally have a height of 30 inches. In fact, the actual height of the vanity would be dependent on your vessel sink. You will need to plan the height of the bath unity based on the actual height provided by the vessel sink.

What Size Bathroom Vanity Should I Purchase?

The average height of the bathroom vanity is ideally based on where you live and what you are looking forward to. You can try out different models, but it is a good idea to check out the exact size of your bathroom before you can check out the available options at your disposal.

In case you are unable to decide which type of vanity you want to opt for, it may be a great option to opt for the standard version at a height of 32 inches. Do note that if you are planning to add the vessel sinks, it would be a good idea to settle with a bath vanity height of 30 inches.

A few things to note about the above mirror light height

The above mirror light height should be around 75 to 80 inches from the round or floor level. If you are checking out the options for bathroom vanity light height in a kids’ room, you can use the light at the standard height, but use a floating or wall hung mirror. This will help you increase the height as they grow.

If your mirror is taller than the recommended vanity light height, place the light three inches from the top of the mirror . This can the best option for the vanity light. This can be helpful in getting access to the right kind of illumination across the room.

FAQs about Bathroom Vanity Height

What is the best height for bathroom vanity?

The best height for the standard bathroom vanity height is 30 to 32 inches under ideal conditions. The best comfort level vanity would be 36 inches. While most of us prefer higher vanities, it can end up causing inconvenience for the children.

Can you put a vessel sink on any vanity?

A vessel sink can be placed on any cabinet. You can perhaps buy the vanities specifically designed for the vessel sink which can provide you an added advantage.

Should the bathroom vanity light height above mirror be hanging?

Hanging light over mirror may not be the right choice. It can cause shadows and may need a little help. You should ensure that the vanity light bars should never be longer than the vanity itself.

What should be the bathroom vanity light height above mirror ?

The ideal distance between the top of the mirror to the bottom of the lighting fixture should be three inches for an optimum appearance and a better reflection. That way, you would end up getting access to the best experience in terms a better reflection.

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