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Bathroom decorating can be hard, and hiring an interior designer comes at a high cost. To make it worse, there’s a plethora of bathroom products out there and it’s hard to know what works and what doesn’t. That’s why we’ve come up with the 5 best bathroom styling ideas to help make your bathroom unique and cohesive.

Our 5 Bathroom Styling Ideas

LED mirrors


Set your bathroom apart with an LED mirror

A great idea for bathroom renovations is the inclusion of integrated lighting, especially for a modern home. LED mirrors add another layer of lighting to your bathroom, a concept where lighting is used for different purposes. In a simple and practical sense, a mirror with integrated lighting will help you to put makeup on or shave. You can adjust colour temperature and brightness, meaning you can leave it on during the day as mood lighting or at night as a night light.

Art Basins

Another one of our bathroom styling ideas to add an extra wow factor to your bathroom are art basins. Whether it be in a unique shape, material, or both, you can use art style basins in a few different ways. 

The first to use it as the main focal point of your bathroom space, becoming an instant attention grabber. The second is to use it to add texture. Texture, in simple terms, is the surface quality of a material. The third is to compliment the other bathroom design that you’ve already made. Adding a stone basin to your countertop will help the feel of a nature-themed bathroom. 



Indoor plants will add an extra element of life to your bathroom 

Ever wanted to have some nature in your house? Adding some indoor plants will do the trick. Having simple plants, from potted succulents to small trees will give life to your bathroom space, more than just a simple bath mat or shower curtain could ever do. 

Not only will they look great, but they’ll also help you out in a few other ways. For one, plants improve your air quality by pulling toxins and pollutants out of the air, as well as turning carbon dioxide into oxygen. Studies have also found that indoor plants are good for your mood and mental health!

Soap Dish Holder

Have you ever felt like your bathroom was missing something? Adding a soap dish holder is the perfect way to round off your bathroom and add some extra functionality to boot! 

Coming in a range of styles from traditional chrome wire style holders, to more contemporary multi-coloured, rectangular plate holders. These mini shelves don’t need to just hold hand soaps, but also hold body and facial scrub bars.



Combine hung and folded towels together to compliment each other and add texture

A very budget-friendly design idea is towels. Sound too simple? Here’s the thing. Your towels and towel placement can make or break the vibe of your bathroom. A simple way to decorate your bathroom with your towels and hand towels is by installing some decorative hooks. Making your towels a core part of your bathroom design will add much-needed soft texture. 

Get Decorating!

So there you have it. From LED mirrors to brighten up your bathroom space, to towels for texture and convenience. These 5 bathroom styling ideas are sure to give your bathroom the finishing touch it deserves. Visit our blog for more tips and tricks to make your home and bathroom stand out from the rest.

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