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Not everyone is lucky to be able to enjoy a massive bathroom. For most of us, our bathrooms are likely to be on the small side. And considering the amount of bathroom accessories you’d usually use in the bathroom, you’ll always be in need for bathroom storage ideas – more so if you have a small washroom!

But never fear, we’ve got 5 storage ideas to help you maximise your space, store more things while keeping your bathroom organised and tidy!

5 Small Bathroom Storage Ideas


Mirror Cabinets

For a neat small bathroom storage idea, why not take a look at your mirror? Mirrors are fantastic ways to store more products while making your bathroom look bigger than it actually is. The secret to this is the extra storage that can be installed on the back of your mirror. These include storage spaces such as shaving and medicine cabinets.

There are many mirror cabinets available and they can all be installed quite easily, offering a simple and straightforward storage solution for your bathroom.


Small vanities and cabinets

Vanities and cabinets are the cornerstone of bathroom storage. But as tempting it may be to get a large vanity, your space might only be able to accommodate one that is on the smaller size.

There’s no problem to that however! Small vanities can still make your bathroom feel luxurious, especially with the sleek and clean designs that are available to you. These bathroom vanities will give you the storage you’re looking for without sacrificing the overall appearance of your bathroom.

Wall Shelves

If you need more storage ideas, you should consider wall shelves. You might think that they won’t be able to store much, but every bit of space in your bathroom counts! They are easily installed in your bathrooms, and with the right designs, they can be a great minimal addition. Wall shelves can also be installed in the shower, where they can hold shampoos and conditioners, giving you even more space for your buck.


Wall Hooks

Small but mighty, wall hooks offer a lot of storage without taking up too much space in your bathroom. What can you hang on wall hooks? Apart from the obvious such as bathrobes and towels, they also let you hang things like indoor plants, artwork. Here’s an extra tip: if you match your towel hooks with the rest of your bathroom, they can be an aesthetic addition to your small bathroom.


Shower Niches

What are shower niches? Shower niches are small recessed shelves which are built directly into your bathroom wall. The cavity of shower niches offer you a space to store a number of things such as hair products, soaps, lotions and more. They take a bit of renovation to install but once built, they offer you valuable storage space and greatly declutters your bathroom.

Declutter your bathroom with these storage ideas!

Don’t let your small bathroom restrict and limit what you can store in there. With these bathroom storage ideas, you’ll have double the belongings without halving your bathroom space! To get the products mentioned in this article, check out MyHomeware, Australia’s biggest range of high quality products!

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