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A bathroom sink or basin is one of the most essential elements of any bathroom. A new bathroom sink can turn even the most plain jane of bathrooms to a stunning new space. If you’re looking to buy a new one, you’ll find that there are a heap of choices for you to pick from. With different styles and materials, we’re here to help you out and tell you what you need to know before you buy a new bathroom basin.



The first thing to decide on before buying a bathroom sink is style. What style do you want it to be? In most cases, the overall style of your bathroom will dictate what style the sink will be. A modern bathroom will call for a sleek, minimalistic bathroom sink while a more classic, vintage sink will be right at home in a traditional bathroom.


Mount refers to what your sink or basin will be installed on. There are many types of mounts for you to choose from. Under-mount or drop-in sinks fit right into the vanity or counter for a nice, flat surface. Over-mount sinks are placed right on to the vanity and are easy to install. More traditional sinks are mounted to a pedestal or stand.



Perhaps the most varied element of a sink is the material it is made out of. White porcelain is a very common choice for its simplicity, though there are many colours available. They can also come in matte black, stone and glass for bathrooms that want a bit of extra elegance and luxury, and stainless steel and iron cast for a sink with extra durability and sturdiness.


One of the big considerations when buying a new sink is the space of your bathroom. It seems obvious but it’s actually very common for people to buy sinks that are too big for their bathroom space. For smaller spaces or powder rooms, wall-mounted basins are a great choice. Be sure to thoroughly plan and make precise measurements before buying what you may think is your dream sink.


Bathroom storage is very important – especially when you think about how much everyday things you use in  your bathroom. Things like shampoo bottles, tooth brushes and hair dryers all need to go somewhere! A great way to store more is to buy a sink with a cabinet or a large counter top vanity unit for you to place things on top of.


Check all these things off before buying your bathroom sink

Take these 5 things into deep consideration before buying your bathroom sink and you’ll be taking home a sink that fits your budget and your bathroom. For high quality sinks in a wide range of shapes and sizes, head on over to MyHomeware today!

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