5 Bathroom Sink Ideas For Your Modern Home

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Bored of the traditional, clinical white bathroom sinks everyone else has in their home? There are plenty of choices out there to change things up for your next bathroom remodel. Choosing the right one doesn’t have to be complicated, because we’ve covered all the current trends with bathroom sinks in this article. Check out our top 5 bathroom sink ideas and match one with the theme you want!


Create a contemporary bathroom with the help of a new sink

Top 5 Bathroom Sink Ideas for Modern Homes


Trendy yet timeless, black bathroom sinks can make a bold statement in any modern bathroom. The neutrality of the colour also means that they are versatile and can match bathrooms of various themes and colours. Unusual shapes can also be pulled off with ease due to their inherent sleekness, especially in a matte finish. Used as part of a black bathroom, black sinks can either help to create a luxurious feeling bathroom or bring out the colour of other bathroom fixtures.

Freestanding Sinks

Freestanding sinks, or pedestal sinks, do not need a countertop for installation. Space-saving in nature, these bathroom sinks are perfect for small bathrooms. Extra convenience is added through the plumbing components being generally contained within the pedestal. 

The design of these sinks also allows for easy access to the surrounding floor area, and does away with the clutter that a normal bathroom counter space can have. Its unique look can also help with minimalist bathroom designs, especially paired with a freestanding bathtub. 

Stone Sinks


Add some much needed harmony to nature-themed bathrooms with a stone basin

Stone sinks are a great way to bring texture and nature into your bathroom. If you want to have a natural-themed bathroom, stone sinks will be your best choice to complement a variety of indoor plants. A more rustic look can also be had by choosing one with a rough, unpolished external surface. And paired with the fact that no single piece of stone is the same as another, stone sinks can add the unrivalled uniqueness you’re looking for.  

Glass Sinks 

If you like the idea of a sink that is transparent or semi-translucent, glass sinks will be your best choice. Glass allows for a variety of textures and finishes not possible with other materials, including smoked or cloudy effects, hard-to mould shapes, or fancy designs within the glass itself. Glass will also not stain or change colour over time, making it a good long-term design choice. Cleaning is also very simple, requiring only a regular glass cleaner to remove dirt and grime.

Unique Shapes


Fish-shaped sinks can be a simple way to have fun with your bathroom design

Why play it safe? Making a statement with your bathroom can be made easy by choosing a unique shaped bathroom sink. These will take the form of a vessel sink (sinks that sit completely over the top of a countertop) in most circumstances. Odd and creative shapes can be found to emphasise any bathroom feature or become a focal point of the bathroom space.

Ready For a Fresh Bathroom Sink?

Interior design is difficult, but with these 5 bathroom sink ideas, creating a cohesive and thoughtful bathroom style is easy. Bathroom sinks can be used as a complimentary bathroom feature, or as the centrepiece. And at MyHomeware, you’ll be able to find a wide range of bathroom sinks that are perfect for whatever you have in mind. For more renovation ideas, check out our blog.

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