Bathroom Plants: 3 Great Options for Your Bathroom

Bathroom Plants
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Plants are an easy, effective, and economical way to brighten up any room; whether your style is eclectic, modern, retro, or traditional, you can find ones that look great in any space. In addition to adding aesthetic appeal, houseplants can even help boost your mental health! Being around greenery is a great way to lower your anxiety and stress levels. Today, we’re sharing seven of the best bathroom plants and how to keep them looking their best.

1. Zanzibar Gem

Bathroom Plants

This plant is great for hanging in a bathroom due to its minimal care needs

If you’re looking for plant options that are easy to grow indoors, we always recommend starting with the beloved Zanzibar Gem. This lovely plant can make itself at home nearly anywhere. It even grows well in low light, so you don’t have to place it directly near a window.

Its waxy oval leaves shoot upward and grow quickly, requiring minimal care. Sometimes, the leaves are so shiny and deep green that these plants are easy to mistake as artificial! Give yours a good watering every few weeks, and it should be good to go!

If you forget to visit this plant on your designated watering day, don’t fret too much. Zanzibar Gems grow from rhizomes, which help them store water underneath the soil and make them beautifully drought-tolerant.

2. Bird’s Nest Fern

Bathroom Plants

Versatile and beautiful, bird’s nest ferns love both the indoors and outdoors and are perfect for bathrooms

If the name of this plant doesn’t intrigue you enough, the glossy, sword-shaped fronds certainly will! Bird’s Nest Fern is a dramatic addition to any bathroom, offering a hearty dose of colour and boldness. The foliage on this plant appears crinkled, and the texture can become even more pronounced depending on the amount of sun the plant receives.

If you love the crinkle look, place this plant by a window. If you prefer straighter leaves, place it in a spot where the light will be more diffused. Water it every one to two weeks and allow the soil to dry halfway between waterings.

3. Phalaenopsis Orchid

Bathroom Plants

Bathrooms make for great environments for these orchids

Like Bromeliads, Phalaenopsis Orchids also feel special and tropical, especially in a bathroom. These plants thrive in indirect sunlight and can tolerate a good amount of humidity.

Even if you don’t have many windows in your bathroom, you can still add an orchid to your vanity. They also look gorgeous grouped together in multiples. If you have a tray near your sink, add two or three for a special touch.

Check every two to three weeks to see if the soil has dried. To care for a Phalaenopsis Orchid, the key is to keep the roots damp but not saturated. They will wilt and their leaves can turn yellow when overwatered.

Try These Bathroom Plants

There are many ways to accessorise and transform your bathroom. This spot should make you feel utterly comfortable, from one corner to the next. It should also showcase your personal sense of style!

While you’re busy picking out light fixtures and fine-tuning all of the finishes, don’t forget to decorate with some of these beloved bathroom plants. These varieties are easy to care for and can last for years with minimal upkeep.

Still not convinced that bathroom plants are the way to go? Check out our recent post on the benefits of adding them to your bathroom, and get started today!

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