5 Quick and Easy Bathroom Makeover Ideas

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Looking for a way to refresh your bathroom without spending too much time and money? Our bathroom experts are here to help! We’ll give you 5 quick and easy bathroom makeover ideas that will make your bathroom look refreshed and rejuvenated! Keep reading to find out and learn our top design ideas!


Install a New Vanity

A brand new vanity is a surefire way to bring some new life to your old bathroom. What makes them such a great makeover idea is that they typically come already pre-built. All you have to do is simply install it in the space you want. This significantly cuts down on the time to build and establish your new vanity. Vanities also come in a wide range of styles, sizes and shapes such as floating vanities or double vanities. There’s always a vanity to suit the overall theme and look of your bathroom.

Add an Accent Wall

Tearing down and rebuilding all four walls of your bathroom can be a very taxing job. So why not simplify your bathroom renovation and simply focus on one wall? Accent walls are an incredibly stylistic choice and can make your bathroom truly stand out. You can choose to build your accent wall in multiple ways. From a vivid pattern or unique textured fabrics, let your creativity run wild with your accent wall!


Update Your Mirror

No bathroom is complete without a fantastic mirror – and the best way to rejuvenate your bathroom is with a completely new one! A new crystal clear mirror will make your bathroom shine once again. Whether you opt for a modern frameless mirror and more classical framed version, mirrors are easy to find and even easier to install. Perfect for our list of quick bathroom makeover ideas!

Hang Some Artwork

One of the easiest ways to give your bathroom a makeover is by hanging some beautiful artwork. Artwork gives any bathroom a splash of colour and work to enhance the overall style of an otherwise drab space. Consider buying framed artwork or other bathroom decor that matches your own personal style and tastes. There are a large list of options to pick from such as photographs, oil paintings and watercolours. It’s also a great idea for budget friendly bathrooms.


Upgrade Your Bathroom

Try taking ‘upgrading your bathroom’ literally and add some smart innovations to your bathroom! Smart bathroom accessories and upgrades can be a little on the pricey side but their ease of installation and host of quality of life benefits are well worth it. Some smart bathroom features you might want to consider include bidets, self-flushing toilets, smart hue lighting, LED mirrors and heated towel racks!

Turn These Bathroom Makeover Ideas into Reality with MyHomeware!

If you’re short on time look no further than these quick and easy bathroom makeover ideas! A couple new products and an hour or two of work and you’ll have yourself a bathroom you’ll be proud to own. To pick up some of the items talked about in this article, look no further than MyHomeware! Check out our amazing range today.

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