5 Bathroom Flooring Ideas for Those on a Budget

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When you think of doing a bathroom remodel, what are the things you think will cost the most? Maybe a new bathtub or vanity? But have you considered the bathroom flooring? You might think flooring is lower on the expenses list but they can actually increase your renovation cost by a  lot, especially if you have a large bathroom. Don’t worry though, we have 5 great bathroom flooring ideas for those looking to save a bit of money on your bathroom renovation. Let’s check them out!

5 Budget Bathroom Flooring Ideas



Vinyl is a fantastic, budget friendly, bathroom flooring option. They are inexpensive, water resistant, durable and easy to install. Vinyl bathroom flooring has the added advantage of having a wide variety of different designs, colours and patterns for you to choose from.

Vinyl flooring usually comes in two forms: vinyl sheets and vinyl tiles. Sheets are a single piece of material which is rolled out across your bathroom floor. Tiles on the other hand come in individual pieces which are glued together.


Luxury Vinyl Flooring

Take your standard vinyl, give it an upgrade and you get Luxury Vinyl Flooring, also known as LVF. LVF has all the benefits of standard vinyl, but because it’s thicker and more robust, it makes them much more durable and water resistant. LVF also possesses more designs that closely resemble wood, stone or porcelain, for a more ‘expensive’ look without the actual costs.


Porcelain or Ceramic Tiles

Porcelain and ceramic bathroom tiles are expensive, there’s no hiding it. However, they fit on our budget bathroom flooring ideas list because they are fantastic for small bathrooms. These tiles feature a melted glass coating which makes them practically impervious to water damage and scratches. They come in a range of designs, allowing for either modern or more traditional bathroom designs.

Keep in mind however that apart from the initial cost, you might need professional help with installing ceramic mosaic tiles in your bathroom.



Linoleum flooring is made out of a mix of natural materials, from cork powder to wood flour to linseed oil. This makes it a very environmentally-friendly option for your bathroom.

Like the other bathroom flooring ideas listed here, linoleum is durable, and scratch and water resistant, more so than vinyl flooring. It’s also very easy to install, is easy to clean and requires low maintenance.


You might be surprised by concrete’s inclusion on our list of bathroom flooring ideas list but it is in fact, a great option for those on a budget. Concrete is affordable and is a perfect choice for any modern bathroom.

Concrete however will require a sealing agent to make it truly waterproof. This is easily done and is relatively inexpensive. Another bonus of concrete flooring is that they are easily integratable with below-floor radiant heating systems.

Get a great looking bathroom without blowing the budget

These 5 budget bathroom flooring ideas will help you create an amazing looking bathroom without the need to spend exorbitant amounts of money! Complete your budget bathroom with high quality yet affordable products at MyHomeware!

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