Top 4 Bathroom Floor Tile Ideas

Bathroom Floor Tile Ideas
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Whatever the size or style of your bathroom, there is a floor tile to complement your design. Our bathroom floor tile ideas cover all the different types that can complement your bathroom. 

Bathroom Floor Tile Ideas

To create a unique floor for your bathroom, there are plenty of designs, colours, and shapes to choose from. This is also an excellent opportunity to consider the best installation style and grout colours. When floor tiles are installed correctly, the tiles will be completely waterproof and stain resistant, making cleaning a breeze to keep clean. 

Mosaics Tiles

Mosaic tiles are a practical choice, especially for shower tiles. For these bathroom floor tile ideas, Look for tiles with high slip resistance, especially in wet rooms. Mosaic tiles are a great way to install imaginative geometric patterns and motifs in your bathroom. This is because these tiles are customisable, giving your house a distinctive and original look.

Mosaic tile floors are low maintenance, making discolouration and water stains an afterthought. The only maintenance required is to clean the surface!

Bathroom Floor Tile Ideas

Customise your mosaic tiles and make your bathroom floor unique!

Explore Unusual Shapes

Placing tiles in an irregular format is a brilliant way to achieve a softer, more fluid flooring scheme. This also highlights the bathroom’s key features.

These bathroom floor tile ideas create a sense of character, movement and energy in the space. Your selection of tiles can be as muted or as loud as you prefer while always making the ultimate feature element in your home.

Patterned tiles can be created in different ways. They can be printed directly onto the surface of the tiles to create a bold and characteristic statement piece. Or, Patterns can be made by using a variety of differently shaped tiles that fit together to create a specific design. 

Bathroom Floor Tile Ideas

Make your bathroom memorable by creating distinctive shapes for your floors! 

Make the Pattern Flow

Tiling is a major component of the bathroom. The colour and size of the tile along with the pattern on which it is laid will determine the design and aesthetics of the bathroom. These bathroom floor tile ideas break the repetition of standard tiles and add character to the bathroom. Therefore, tiling the bathroom floor with accent tiles can create a fantastic statement in the bathroom. 

You are limited by your imagination when it comes to creating a feature floor. When the bathroom area is limited, a featured bathroom wall may be overpowering and make the room appear cramped. Whereas, tiling the walls white and the floor with a feature tile will add much-needed character while creating a sense of space. 

Bathroom Floor Tile Ideas

The floor is a great opportunity to place patterns to capture your guest’s attention!

Take it Up the Walls

To create an illusion of depth, try integrating the same tiles for both the flooring and walls. These bathroom floor tile ideas are done by choosing subtle colours to avoid an oppressive atmosphere. 

Bathroom Floor Tile Ideas

Create an illusion of depth by taking your flooring tiles to your walls!

A Functioning Bathroom Starts With the Floor!

Take your bathroom flooring to the next level with these bathroom floor tile ideas! For more renovation ideas, check out our blog page!

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