Bathroom Feature Wall Tiles Ideas

Bathroom feature wall tiles ideas
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Transform your bathroom and add excitement by adding a feature wall! When decorating your home, it is important to give it your personality. This is the same for your bathroom. Thus, this article goes through bathroom feature wall tiles ideas that will have your guest in awe!

Where to Place your Bathroom Feature Wall

Generally, the best place to have a feature wall is the wall against the bath or vanity. In small bathrooms, feature walls are usually positioned behind the mirror and vanity. This option will give that wow factor for a fraction of the cost. 

Bathroom Feature Wall Tiles Ideas

Choosing bathroom feature wall tiles is an exciting and inspiring part of any bathroom design project. The concept of the feature wall is to create a focal point, giving a unique look to a room. 

Subway Tiles

Subway tiles had a humble beginning in underground stations in New York. Now they are becoming a staple tile for modern, contemporary-style bathrooms. Subway tiles are a popular choice because their simple shape allows for various layouts and patterns. From metallic to natural stone with a mirror finish, the design possibilities in subway tile collections are endless! 

Bathroom feature wall tiles ideas

Subway tiles are a perfect way to add a modern twist to any room!

Herringbone Tiles

Another amazing bathroom feature wall tile idea is using herringbone tiles. The patterned herringbone tiles are a great choice to create a distinctive, classic look in your bathroom. These bathroom wall tiles are available in stunning colours, textures, and sizes. You cannot go wrong with herringbone tiles! 

The way these tiles are laid is a great way to expand the bathroom space as it gives the illusion of movement. This is because the herringbone pattern creates a sense of direction that is not one-dimensional, and thus, opens the space visually. 

Bathroom feature wall tiles ideas

A great way to add texture and a unique aspect to your bathroom is with herringbone tiles!

Fishscale Tiles

Are you struggling with a way to spruce up your bathroom? Creating a great space is all about combining exciting textures, colours, shapes, and styles. Fishscale tiles are popping everywhere, adding a new dimension to bathrooms. So, if you want to avoid a standard look and want something that gives that wow factor, these tiles are the one for you!

Bathroom feature wall tiles ideas

How often do you see fish scale tiles in a bathroom? This stunning design will surely capture your guest’s attention!

Simple Feature Wall Ideas

Do not limit yourself, a feature wall is the best way to inject your style and energy into your home, and a little imagination can go a long way. Also, do not limit yourself to just paint, experiment with patterns, textures, and other materials like wood, to bring a room to life.

Make your Bathroom Stand Out With Feature Walls!

There are many ways how you can tackle feature walls in your bathroom. With these bathroom feature wall tiles ideas you are ready to take your bathroom to another level. For more decor guides and tips, check out our blog page!

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