5 Bathroom Essentials to Complete your Washroom

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Whether you live in a suburban house or a city apartment, all homes share at least one commonality: a bathroom with a functional toilet and a shower/bathtub. But just because those two are considered absolute necessities, doesn’t mean that you should leave it at that! There are many bathroom essentials that you can purchase to complete your washroom, improving not only its functionality but its aesthetic quality as well. From large mirrors to better showerheads, these are our 5 bathroom essentials that you need to take your bathroom to the next level!

Our top 5 bathroom essentials


A bathroom mirror is an absolute necessity in any modern bathroom. They provide a range of functions, from hair styling to makeup applications. When buying a mirror, consider the number of people in your household – the more people, the bigger the mirror. And if you have the extra cash in your pocket, an LED mirror is a great choice for enhancing your bathroom’s attractiveness while making applying makeup easier.



Once thought of as excessive and unnecessary, bidets are quickly becoming one of the most sought after bathroom essentials. Famous for their post-toilet cleaning function, bidets are easily installed. They can also come with a range of additional features such as seat warming and water temperature settings. Bidets are also more hygienic and are especially helpful for women. It’s even more reason for you to join over 60% of the global population with bidets!


Rain Shower Heads

Showers are a place of relaxation and relief for many, and a rain shower head can take that relaxation and crank it to 100! Rain shower heads are installed on the ceiling (rather than the wall like regular shower heads) and simulate rainfall. This unique flow not only provides better coverage but is more relaxing than regular showers. Many rain showerheads also offer adjustable pressure so you can adjust your shower to your exact liking.

Towel Racks

Every good bathroom needs a place for you to hang your bath and hand towels, making towel racks one of our bathroom essentials! When buying and installing towel hooks and racks, ensure you’re placing them in convenient, easy-to-reach locations. You don’t really want to run across your bathroom dripping wet to grab a towel, right? For a touch of luxury, you can try heated towel racks which warm your towels, making them perfect for showers and face washes in the middle of winter.

Bathroom Plants

Many people consider bathroom plants to no longer be a luxury, but a necessity in their bathrooms – and for good reason! Indoor plants have shown to improve moods, reduce stress and fatigue, and improve the quality of air. For those worried about their lack of a green thumb, there are many low maintenance plants that require little care. These include plants such as the Snake Plant or Aloe Vera Plant.


Complete your bathroom with these 5 bathroom essentials

With these 5 bathroom essentials, you’ll be a proud owner of a complete, well-rounded bathroom that not only features added functionality, but looks good as well! To grab these must-have products at a great price, head over to MyHomeware today!

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