5 Bathroom Design Principles You Need to Stick By

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The beautiful thing about designing your own bathroom is that you can do so in a way that fits your personal tastes, preferences and style. It’s a big reason why you get such a great variety when you search for bathroom interior design ideas online. But despite that, there are still some core bathroom design principles that lie at the heart of every design. By learning these principles, you will give your own bathroom design a foundation for success. Let’s check them out!


Function First

Perhaps the most important bathroom design principles revolve around functionality. The bathroom serves a very specific purpose in our homes, and it’s important to remember that! We may be too tempted to overly focus on aesthetics and forget about the functionality of the room. Remember to ensure the bathroom has proper plumbing and drainage especially in the showers. Also make sure that the room has proper ventilation by installing efficient exhaust fans.

Less is More

Sometimes it’s better to keep it simple, and this is especially true for small bathrooms. Many homeowners don’t have the luxury of a big, open bathroom which is why it’s key not to stuff it with too many bathroom products. You want enough room to still do your daily bathroom routines. But the concept of ‘less is more’ also applies to the space’s overall visual style. Too many patterns or clashing colours can lead to an overwhelming space that only serves to create headaches and confusion.


Consistent Colour

An important design principle, whether it be interior design or design in general, is the smart use of colour. When picking a colour palette for your bathroom, consider choosing colours that work well together. An easy way to do this is by picking colours that fall under the same umbrella such as pastel colours or neutral colours. Don’t be afraid to pick colours that you personally love. It’s your own bathroom after all! But just make sure you’re not picking a wild assortment of colours which clash and create an overly busy bathroom.

Essential Features

Every good bathroom needs its core fixtures and fittings. These features are must haves and you should invest in high quality pieces. What products fall under bathroom essential features? These essentials include toilets, basins, mirrors and showers or bathtubs. Make sure you place them in key areas of your floor plan or design layout and in a way that maximises efficiency and space.


Plenty of Bathroom Storage

Last on our list of good bathroom design principles are storage options. Storage is important since we tend to own a lot of bathroom-related things such as toothbrushes, shavers, blow dryers, shampoo, toilet paper – the list goes on! Having a place to store all your bathroom knick knacks will declutter your entire bathroom and make it look neat and organised. Things like cabinets, woven baskets or shelves are great storage solutions you can consider.

Good Bathroom Design Principles That Can’t Be Overlooked

These bathroom design principles are a great start to your next perfect bathroom design. By making sure they’re a core part of your design process, you’ll be guaranteed a great looking bathroom! To find some of the items mentioned in this article, visit MyHomeware today! And make sure to check out the MyHomeware blog for more helpful informative articles.

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