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Looking to remodel your bathroom but having trouble choosing the right colours for it? Picking a bathroom colour scheme can be very hard with all the options you could choose from. Keep reading to find out what the top 5 bathroom colour ideas of 2022 are and make your boring bathroom a thing of the past!

An Introduction To Colour Theory


Colour theory tells us what colours and tones work with each other

A major key in choosing a colour scheme for your bathroom is the concept of colour theory. It involves how we can use different colours and hues to achieve harmony. There are 2 basic types of colour theory that will be useful for you – the colour wheel and colour harmony.

Invented in 1666 by Isaac Newton, the colour wheel is a circular map of the colour spectrum. This circle wheel of colours organises colours on opposite sides to each other, with the primary colours being red, yellow and blue.

Colour harmony builds off of the colour wheel. This theory explains that among other concepts, choosing a colour on one point of the wheel will have its complementary colour on the opposite point of the wheel. There are also two types; the red, yellow and blue (RYB) wheel useful for mixing paint colors and the red, green and blue (RGB) useful for mixing light.   

The Best Bathroom Colour Ideas

Neutral Colours


Achieve balance and cohesion by mixing different neutral colours

By using neutral colours throughout your bathroom, you create a cohesive space with different colours without much effort. Having a simple and easy-to-match feature like creamy white tiles dominate the space, will make adding other colours and tones easy. Alternatively, use neutral-coloured mosaic tiles to add creativity to the space.

Complementary Colours

Our first bathroom colour idea is to use complementary colours. This is your best choice for blending in your personality with your bathroom color scheme. Use a colour wheel tool to help you choose a perfect match between your primary and accent colours. A good example would be to use blue bathroom paint as a dominant colour with red accents to add warmth and balance. 

Black and White

Next on our list of the best bathroom colour ideas is the timeless classic of black and white. Using bright white tiles with contrasting black accents are a simple and effective way of bringing a sharp design to your bathroom. If you already have a white bathroom or powder room, adding black accessories such as black shelving to your white wall is an easy solution.

White And Gold


Using light touches of gold throughout a white bathroom keeps it balanced

Having light and bright colours make your bathroom space feel bigger, so this color scheme works best for people with small bathrooms. Keep your main bathroom elements like floor and wall tile colour white and combine them with gold accents like tapware and toilet paper holders. This makes sure that you don’t overdo it with gold, which can overpower the colour balance very easily. 

All Black

A new trend in interior design is the all-black colour scheme. Having a monotone black bathroom will give it a very contemporary and luxurious room feel. Try mixing different shades and tones of black to add contrast and extra detail for a monochromatic bathroom.

Use These Bathroom Colour Ideas With Your Next Remodel!

And there you have it, our list of 5 easy-to-follow bathroom colour ideas. Use these and you’re sure to make your bathroom into a space that you’ll want to spend more time in. For more bathroom styling tips and tricks, visit the MyHomeware blog.

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