7 Guest Bathroom Ideas to Impress Visitors

Guest Bathroom Ideas
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Nothing says ‘welcome’ more than a creatively designed guest bathroom for your day visitors and overnight guests. But how do you go about creating a memorable and welcoming experience in a limited space? How do you balance aesthetic and functionality? We’ll give you 7 guest bathroom ideas to help you create a space that is sure to impress your guests!


A Green Guest Bathroom

Plants literally bring life to any living space, making them one of the best guest bathroom ideas. They also have the added effect of clearing air and providing mindfulness properties. Consider choosing plants that thrive on humidity and are relatively low maintenance such as Devil’s Ivy, Monstera and Snake Plants.

Extra Storage Space

Having some extra storage space in your guest bathroom is never a bad thing. The extra space provided by vanities or shelves can give you more places to store bathroom essentials such as toilet paper, towels or additional bathroom decor (such as sculptures or pottery).

Go the Extra Mile

Speaking of bathroom essentials, make your guests feel truly at home by providing them with all the things they need to make their stay or visit a comfortable one. Things like toothbrushes, toothpastes, shampoo, conditioner, and face towels go a long way into making your guest bathroom one they’ll always remember.


Fresh Towels

Next on our list of great guest bathroom ideas are fresh towels. Who can say no to fresh towels? Keep a fresh set of towels ready on deck for your guests to use whenever. You can store them in the storage spaces we mentioned earlier or hang them on wall hung towel hooks.

Heated Towel Racks

Let’s take our last point about fresh towels a step further with heated towel racks. Heated towel racks do exactly as advertised – heating towels so they’re nice and toasty when you step out of the shower or bath. They’re easily installed and come in great, sleek designs so they’ll be a perfect fit for any modern bathroom.


Rain Showerhead

Make your guests feel like they’re in a spa instead of a guest bathroom with a rain showerhead. Rain showerheads are typically quite affordable so you don’t have to spend a lot to make them feel like a million bucks. You can opt to get rain showerheads complete with LEDs and adjustable water flow for even more luxury.

LED Mirrors

LED mirrors are great and fantastic additions to guest bathrooms – or any bathroom for that matter. Not only do they make the limited space of a guest bathroom look bigger, but the LEDs which outline these kinds of mirrors add another touch of elegance to your space.

Guest Bathroom Ideas That Will Make Visitors Never Want To Leave

There’s no need to be embarrassed about showing your bathroom to your guests! These guest bathroom ideas will have them impressed and wanting to stay over! For more informative bathroom blogs and articles like this one, check out the MyHomeware blog today!

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